Studio 5000 Logix Emulate

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Studio 5000 Logix Emulate

Get ready, get set ─ GO! Emulate the behavior of Logix 5000™ controllers and much more with the Studio 5000® Logix Emulate™ software. With the ability to test, debug, and optimize application code without physical hardware, this application is at the core of the Studio 5000 digital design environment. Take the expense and hassle out of testing your code on physical hardware by downloading your program to an emulated controller on your personal computer (PC). Need to interface with third party systems? You got it! Connect to other simulation and operator training systems to simulate your entire process and train teams in a safe, virtual environment.

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At the heart of Studio 5000 virtual design is Studio 5000 Emulate software. Want to test code without waiting for hardware to come in? Not a problem. With Studio 5000 Emulate, you can validate, test, and optimize your control logic without the need for physical hardware. Not only can you design and test concurrently, but you can also pinpoint areas of improvements while your design is still flexible. If you’re using operator training software, connect it to your emulated controller to take advantage of a software-driven training system.

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Industrial automation software should reflect your application requirements, but it can be daunting to select the right fit. Don’t worry – you have options! Use this guide to help you choose the right edition of Studio 5000 software that fits your needs as well as understand how you can fine tune your selections when inevitable project scope changes occur.

Need even more flexibility? Explore software subscriptions as your needs change across projects or teams.

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