Control & Load Switches

Bulletin 194 control and load switches offer you state-of-the-art solutions for almost any application. You can use Bulletin 194E load switches and Bulletin 194L control/load switches as 'at-motor disconnecting means' per article 430-J of the National Electrical Code. Bulletin 1592 Fused and Non-Fused Load-Break Switches are specialty medium voltage control options.

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Our Bulletin 194E Load Switches are designed for use as local motor isolation and disconnect switch applications. Our switches are available in 3- and 6-pole versions with add-on additional poles, grounding and neutral terminals and auxiliary contacts. These switches share the same operating handles as the Bulletin 194L Control and Load Switches.

IEC Load Switches
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Our Bulletin1503 Isolation Switch is a non-load-break type switch. The isolation switch works with the 1502 vacuum contactor and the 1503HM isolation switch handle to isolate the power cell when the isolation switch handle is moved to the OFF position.

1503 Isolation Switch
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Our Bulletin 1592 Medium Voltage Load Break Switches are available with fused and non-fused options and specialty medium voltage control options for feeder and mains.

Medium Voltage Load Break Switches
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Bulletin 194L Control and Load Switches are flexible, adaptable, time- and space-saving devices. Our switches are available as front door-, base- or DIN Rail-mounting versions. You can use these switches as manual motor controllers and motor disconnects.

IEC Control & Load Switches