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제품 지원

제품 지원

제품 다운로드

Access the Rockwell Automation Download Center to find the latest firmware, activations, macros, and more.

제품 선정 및 구성

We offer many product selection and configuration tools that can help you choose and configure the right industrial products. 

제품 호환성 및 마이그레이션

We have a number of tools and resources to help you find the most effective products for your system and also identify where a product is in its lifecycle.

기술 문서

Literature Library(자료실)

Find a wide selection of publications that support Rockwell Automation, FactoryTalk Software, and Allen-Bradley products, services, and solutions.

제품 인증

Find the product certifications for your products to verify that the ratings meet the needs for your applications.

제품 도면

Find a variety of product and wiring drawings to get a visual representation of the physical connections and layout of the electrical and mechanical systems of your products.

산업 교육

E-Learning 과정

Our e-learning courses incorporate a variety of fundamental and product specific topics to deliver a world class online training solution directly to your plant floor or wherever you need it most.

교육 워크스테이션

Training workstations allow for hands-on, self-paced instruction. Select a standard workstation or customize your own to fit your needs.

강사 주도형 교육 과정

Our instructor-led courses are designed to align with specific job functions and focus on relevant job tasks. 

Knowledgebase 검색

다양한 제품과 기술에 대한 질문 및 답변 데이터베이스를 검색하십시오.