FactoryTalk View - HMI Software

Serve Up Real-time Performance Information


Those machines that spread all across our plant floor and enterprise are telling you something. With FactoryTalk® View software, you can get a clear consistent story from the standalone machine level HMI to distributed visualization solutions covering your entire enterprise. A single software package covers HMI challenges in process, batch and discrete application. Clear displays and a common programming language, including a huge library of faceplates, help confirm that you get the best possible perspectives of your machine performance. With users at multiple levels in your organization all seeing the same views of the machines, you speed up the ability to manage production…which is a story you can all get behind.

HMI Solutions Designed with Your Success in Mind

It All Starts with a Human

With an evolving industry, changes in processes, operation expansion and more, determining how to grow in this era can be challenging. Built for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities, our HMI solutions are designed with you and your success in mind. The first word in HMI is human, and at Rockwell Automation that’s where it all begins.

Driving Better Decision Making

Modern HMI Software: Connecting People to Information

Good things happen when operators, technicians and engineers have relevant production information at their fingertips. They can meet production targets, reduce waste and energy usage, improve processes, quickly resolve problems, and more. This eBook explores how Modern HMI Software makes this possible.

How a Modern HMI Changes the Status Quo

Connect Workers to the Info They Need to Make Better Decisions

Today’s industrial operations run on information to meet production targets, to reduce waste and energy usage, to improve processes, and more. But information is only effective if workers can readily access it and easily understand it. Modern HMI software can give workers the information they need, in the time, place and format that they need it. That’s why HMI software is the cornerstone of any information-driven operation.

Supervisory Level HMI Gives You the Complete View

Put away the steel-toed running shoes. FactoryTalk View Site Edition lets you cover a lot of ground without having to scurry from machine-to-machine. With a clear view across entire lines and production processes, FactoryTalk View SE lets you monitor and control distributed-server/multi-user applications. It provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of operations, meeting the demands of multiple stakeholders including engineering, maintenance, operations, and production Information Technology (IT).

FactoryTalk View SE provides robust and reliable functionality in a single software package that scales from a standalone HMI system to a distributed visualization solution. As our customers have experienced over the past few years, FactoryTalk View SE enables you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization, and other new technologies, meeting HMI challenges in process, batch and discrete applications and delivering critical visibility when and where you need it.

Machine-level Operator Interface Keeps It Real

Better than an extra set of eyes, the perfect machine-level human machine interface provides realistic displays to aid in continual and fast evaluation on performance. FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) software is a versatile HMI application that provides a dedicated and powerful solution for machine-level operator interface devices. As an integral element of the Rockwell Automation visualization solution, FactoryTalk View Machine Edition provides superior graphics, runtime user management, language switching and faster commissioning time through a common development environment.

Put Your Plant Floor in Your Pocket

On the road, at home or in the office, FactoryTalk ViewPoint provides a secure interface with FactoryTalk View’s graphics, trending, and alarming applications through a web browser. FactoryTalk ViewPoint extends the access to FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and Machine Edition (ME) applications to right to your mobile devices for improved real-time decision-making.

As an add-on to FactoryTalk View SE and PanelView™ Plus, FactoryTalk ViewPoint delivers a rich, interactive experience that includes real-time and historical trending. You gain the simplicity of standard browser navigation and new degrees of access to critical FactoryTalk View information all in a web browser. There is no client software to install and maintain, lowering total cost of ownership.