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EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool
The EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool is intended to help you in the initial layout of your EtherNet/IP network by calculating resources used by a proposed network. To keep the Ethernet Capacity Tool up-to-date this download includes and installs software called Current. This software continuously checks for new revisions to the tool and prompts you with the option to update as they become available. Version 2.3 now includes support for the1769-AENTR and resolves the issue related to the tool display on some Windows 7 computers.
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Quick Starts

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Stratix 5700 Switch Configuration Quick Start

This Quick Start provides examples and procedures for configuring Stratix 5700 switches.

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Stratix 5700 NAT Quick Start
Need to interface your machine level networks to the plant network while still using your own machine's IP addresses? This document walks you through the process of configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) in the Stratix 5700 managed switch.
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Reference Drawings

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Stratix/Infrastructure Product Family NAT/VLAN Reference Drawings
These drawings provide use cases for the Network Address Translation (NAT) and VLAN capabilities in the Stratix/Infrastructure Product Family and compare and contrast the different segmentation options available with NAT and VLANs.
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Stratix/Infrastructure Product Family Quick Reference Drawing
Need a quick introductory overview of how to segment and maximize security on your EtherNet/IP network? This drawing will introduce you to the basic concepts and capabilities available across the entire family of products.
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EtherNet/IP Quick Reference Drawings
These drawings provide an easy to use summary of the tools and resources available for your EtherNet/IP system through the Design, Commissioning, and Troubleshooting phases of a project.
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KwikLink Lite
View the KwikLink Lite media drawing to understand how it can be applied in a DeviceNet network and how its simple connectors, flexible topology and light-duty specifications expand the applications where DeviceNet can be used.
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Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP Example Architecture Drawings
View these Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP Example Architecture Drawings to understand basic performance, capacity and configuration of Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP.
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EN2T(R) and EN3T Series Replacement Guide
The EN2T(R) and EN3T replacement guide walks you quickly through what steps you need to take when moving to the latest Series replacement module.
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Ethernet Cheat Sheet
This Ethernet Cheat Sheet is intended as a quick reference for common procedures, commands, and formulas used when working with Ethernet.
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Converged Plant-wide Ethernet Architectures
Rockwell Automation and Cisco have collaborated to develop Converged Plant-wide Ethernet Architectures. These resources, comprised of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and Cisco's Ethernet to the Factory, provide education, design guidance, recommendations and best practices to help establish a robust and secure network infrastructure.
EtherNet/IP Toolkit
The EtherNet/IP Toolkit provides easy to use resources for all phases of your EtherNet/IP implementation (Design, Configuration, Commissioning, and Troubleshooting) in one package. V3 Update includes two new sections on Wireless and Integrated Motion.
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