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Current Program Updater


Product Selection Toolbox

Many of the programs available as part of the Product Selection Toolbox can be automatically updated using our Current Program Updater. This program provides you with the ability to continuously look for updates on our product selection programs and information from our Website. Once you install Current, you can easily install updates from our Website as they become available. [Download] (17MB)

How it Works

Current provides updates in two ways:

  1. As you need them — checks Current-enabled program or information you have against the latest versions of the files when you access it.

    When you start a program, e.g., ProposalWorks, Current will be activated and will check for an Internet connection. If one exists, Current checks all of the versions of the ProposalWorks program files and will advise you if newer versions are available for you to download. If newer versions of the files do exist, you will be given the opportunity to start the Current Program Updater which will walk you through the process of updating all Current-enabled programs.

    When you access information, e.g., the Product Library in ProposalWorks, and select a product, Current will compare the version of the product file on your computer with the one on our Website. If the one on your computer is out of date, Current will download and install a new one. In many cases this happens so fast that you may not even notice that the download occurred. In some cases, e.g., in the case of a large user manual update, you may see a dialog box indicating the download progress. If you do not wish to wait for the download to complete, you can cancel the download and continue working. When you have time, you can go back and repeat the steps that initiated the first download process and allow it to finish.

    Important: Product information is updated on an "as you need it" basis. If updates to product information become available, they are only loaded on your computer as you attempt to access them.

  2. All at once — checks to see that all product selection information installed on your computer is up-to-date all at once, when you run the program update utility.

    Important: Supplemental documents like user manuals and drawings are not updated by the Program Updater, they are only updated on an "as you need it" basis (option 1 above) with the Current Continuous Update utility as you use the Product Selection and Engineering Tools.

How Often Updates Occur

Updates are typically available two times each month if needed. Current will advise you when these updates are available either via the Current Monitor application that checks for update periodically or each time you start a Current-enabled application. The Current Updater keeps itself updated.