Dynamic process systems may include long delay times, processing lags, or inverse dynamic responses. These challenges are difficult to manage with standard PID controls. PlantPAx® model predictive control (MPC) is designed to run within standard Logix hardware and control the most challenging advanced control problems. It is easy to set-up, easy to understand, and integrates easily with the rest of your process control system.

Achieve Maximum Profitability

Coordinate Multivariable Interactions

MPC enables you to solve difficult advanced control challenges with some of the easiest to use advanced tools available. PlantPAx MPC is fundamentally derived from the Pavilion8® server‐based MPC product. This solution has been proven on hundreds of the most complex and challenging control problems globally. Pavilion8 MPC is one of the most functionally capable tools available worldwide. PlantPAx MPC is a derivative algorithm optimized for execution within the Logix environment and designed for maximum ease‐of‐use.

Model Predictive Control in Your Logix Chassis


  • Execute up to five independent MPC applications on one MPC module
  • Develop and implement MPC up to 10 CV's, 10 MV's, and 10 DV's
  • Implement fully functional MPC


  • Reduce product quality variability up to 75%
  • Reduce specific energy consumption up to 20%
  • Maximize throughput up to 25%
  • Maximize processing yield

The most performance-driven manufacturing companies in the world use MPC.

Industry Specific Applications

PlantPAx MPC Delivers Water Utility Solution

To sustain an affordable water supply, EnWin Utilities used the continuous improvement model to optimize operations through process changes and capital projects. Our MPC solution provided the ability to monitor and control the pumping stations based on a number of factors. The end result enabled Enwin to mitigate the number of water main breaks by 21% throughout the water distribution system with the implementation of MPC.

Learn About Our Industry Solutions

We welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Rockwell Automation on testing the onboard MPC solution.

Garry Rossi, Director of Water Production, EnWin Utilities

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