Basic Batch Management

Controller Based Batch Control

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We provide software to allow for controller-based sequencing solutions. These batch management solutions add power capability closer to the process, and opens new possibilities for skids, off network systems, and single unit control.

Reduce Integration Time

Batch Management SequenceManger Software

SequenceManager™ software provides basic controller-based batch management appropriate for single unit or multiple-independent unit operations. This software directs programs inside a controller in an ordered sequence for demanding applications.


  • Creates fast distributed batch response time, close to the process
  • Reduces the cost to integrate complex skid structures to plant systems
  • Reduces infrastructure cost and software complexity

Scalable Controller-based Batch

Logix Batch and Sequence Manager

Logix Batch and Sequence Manager (LBSM) is an easily adoptable controller-based batch management system appropriate for single-unit or multiple-independent unit operations.


  • Eliminates the need for engineering intensive custom-coded sequence management solutions
  • Reduces delivery time for skid-based batch processing equipment
  • Reduces startup and process debugging time
  • Integrates into higher-level batch management software systems

Get Started Now

Design and Implementation Tools

The Batch Application Toolkit is a collection of documentation, equipment phases, support routines, and associated HMI components. It can assist you in the development of a batch solution using Integrated Architecture or the PlantPAx® distributed control system. The toolkit serves as a starting point to a batch project, and it demonstrates one chosen and specific batch-control philosophy that can be modified to meet your own specific needs or philosophy.

Download the Batch Application Toolkit
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