Ethernet Network Media

We offer a complete portfolio of industrial-grade Ethernet physical media, including M12 Connectivity, industry standard Variant 1 Connectivity, and RJ45 Connectivity products. Our Ethernet media is specifically designed for use in harsh industrial environments, combining a specially-designed cable with rugged connector construction to ensure network integrity and performance.

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Bulletin 1585 Ethernet Cable Spools supply a reliable network connection in harsh surroundings. The high speed data rate allows more data to be transferred within a shorter period of time. Red cable jackets let you easily identify safety applications. We offer unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, and 600V cables.

Ethernet Cable Spools
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Our On-Machine™ M12 cables have an IP67 overmolded connector with a twisted pair cable. This cable is durable for on-machine components and high flex applications and provides better performance in applications with noise and vibration. Red cable jackets let you easily identify safety applications.

On-Machine M12 Cables
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Our In-cabinet (RJ45) Connectors for Ethernet are designed to withstand IP20 industrial applications while ensuring the integrity and performance of your network. Products include patchcords and cordsets, field attachable connectors, raw cable, crimp connectors and bulkhead adapters. Red cable jackets let you easily identify safety applications. Patchcords and cordsets have been mechanically and electrically tested using category 5e cables with category 6 connectors. These products easily connect with Allen-Bradley® Ethernet switches, programmable controllers, PanelView™ graphic terminals, and drives.

In-cabinet (RJ45) Connectors