Utilities and Supporting Areas

Break Silos Between Process and Electrical Systems

Crushing and Grinding

From power distribution to compressor systems, these activities are key to support any mining activity. Often overlooked, any downtime impacting these activities can affect the entire operation.  Break down the silos between process and electrical systems to increase operations visibility and reduce downtime.

Electrical Distribution

Our intelligent packaged power breaks the silos between process and electrical systems. Increase your operations visibility and reduce downtime and energy costs by unifying process controls with power distribution, substation automation and motor management in a single backbone.

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Bring the same mine-wide solution to your compressor controls to avoid the pitfalls of proprietary systems.

Rockwell Automation delivers advanced functions and applications focused on specific mining challenges. For compressor automation, we have developed a dedicated application for multi compressor management and surge control.

Supporting Areas

We provide solutions and integrated architectures for supporting areas, such as ventilation, pumping systems, water telemetry and fuel management for mining.

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