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Plant Automation for Production and Processing of Concrete and Cement

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In the competitive cement production market, technology improvement is vital to increase production and revenue. While you face the significant challenges of globalization and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, you must ensure exacting quality standards. You want to avoid downtime and wasted energy. Our team of knowledgeable professionals combined with scalable control and information technology and solutions can help you meet these challenges.

Extract Value at Every Stage of Cement Production

Systems to Improve Productivity and Optimize Energy Consumption

You are faced with a wide range of challenges daily. From reducing emissions and monitoring energy usage to lowering cost per ton while maintaining quality and optimizing your operations, it is a lot to manage. The working environments don’t make it any easier. Harsh operating conditions and complex processes are intensified with disparate systems and lack of real-time information.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Luckily, there is a way to mitigate these challenges. Optimizing and maintaining critical operations in your cement plant demands expertise and modern, integrated Automation Solutions. We offer a wide range of process solutions that safeguard your operations and meet economic and performance requirements. These solutions are scalable, flexible and easy to integrate, helping you increase productivity, lower costs, reduce energy consumption and improve safety.

Process Solutions to Meet Cement Needs

Efficient Design and Operation

A standard approach to process control reduces engineering risks and is easier to operate, maintain and modify. The PlantPAx® distributed control system (DCS) is a plant-wide, scalable, secure and information-enabled process solution. Perfect for new installations and DCS migrations, the PlantPAx DCS provides a modern approach to process control for the cement industry. Features include:

  • A predefined library of controller code, display elements (global objects) and faceplates enable fast assembly of large applications
  • A platform built on proven strategies, rich functionality and tested performance
  • Incorporated international standards such as color, functionality and symbols
  • Color change utility - create a color palette to change the colors for display elements (global objects) and faceplates

Control Technology to Optimize Operations

Integrated and Information-enabled Technology Reduces Per-ton Costs

Our rugged solutions can optimize your cement operation, from system design through maintenance, and from quarry through packing and dispatch. Information-enabled solutions, motor control technologies, and powerful operator workstations help reduce emissions, per ton costs, and achieve needed functionality. With our Integrated Architecture® system, you can span multiple control disciplines in a single, easy-to-use programming environment. Intelligent Motor Control devices help protect assets, improve motor performance, and reduce energy consumption. Our FactoryTalk® software suite gives you access to the real-time information you need to improve operational flexibility and maximize productivity.

Model Predictive Control for Improved Optimization

As You Look to Improve Your Operations, We Suggest You Try MPC

Our Process Optimization Model Predictive Control (MPC) application can be applied to any process area in cement production. The application:

  • Provides crushing or grinding optimization
  • Provides performance information to help reduce process variability, increase overall production and reduce energy cost per ton
  • Delivers pyroprocessing or drying information to reduce product variability and improve sustainability practice
  • Helps increase throughput and improve process/operational consistency
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How Have We Helped Businesses Like Yours?

Learn How Your Peers Benefit from Adopting Our Technology and Solutions

Vulcan Materials Company works to provide the highest quality product, reduce material and energy costs, and meet stringent environmental regulations. The company also strives to continually achieve process efficiencies and tighter control through its existing equipment and technology infrastructure. However, it was faced with the limitations of a manual approach to optimizing its finishing circuit. It wanted to move to automated process control.

Other Technology That Can Make a Difference

From Motor and Process Control to Visualization, Integration Is Paramount

Integrated information, process control, motor control, and safety are all important disciplines. In our solutions for cement production applications, they are seamlessly integrated. Combined with model predictive control for advanced optimization, our Integrated Architecture system helps propel your controls to a new level of performance.

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