Modernization Services

From Conversion Services to Custom Modernization Solutions

Modernization Services

Modernization can fundamentally transform your business. By upgrading to the latest control and information systems, you can harness the power of your information and reset your operations for the future. More than that, modernization can address the most persistent problems you face today, from equipment obsolescence to safety challenges to workforce transitions.

Choose the Right Partner for Your Project

Modernizing your systems can seem risky. To ensure a smooth transition, you need a partner who understands your industry and will develop a plan to meet your goals. As the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, we are the partner you can turn to for:

  • A track record of providing long-term support throughout the lifecycle
  • A global presence, with locations in more than 80 countries worldwide
  • Leadership in Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things strategies
  • Experience in helping to achieve plant-wide optimization, machine builder performance, and sustainable production across a wide range of industries
  • A comprehensive network of partners with products, technologies, application specialists, and distribution to help build a complete solution

We can evaluate, plan, and execute your automation system modernization project. We first conduct an Installed Base Evaluation of your existing hardware and software across all relevant sites. This can help identify risks and specific opportunities for improving speed, quality, and flexibility. We also can help you implement your modernization project in your preferred approach, such as during scheduled downtime or as part of a phased approach. Modular automation coupled with backward compatibility allows you to maintain productivity as you upgrade portions of your automation system.

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Modernization and Conversion Services

Turnkey engineering services simplify the modernization process

As equipment becomes older and less reliable, it becomes more costly to maintain and can’t offer the enhanced diagnostics, analytics, security and connectivity that you require.

Our Modernization and Conversion Services can help you evaluate your options for addressing legacy hardware. We have the engineering expertise to help assess, plan, and execute the best lifecycle strategy for your facility based on your business outcomes and needs. If you need support modernizing a production line, migrating to the latest technology, or are moving from a third-party system to Rockwell Automation, we have a solution for you.

Whether you need to update your low voltage or medium voltage drives, control system, software and communication technology or networking, we can help you:

  • Modernize your legacy hardware to improve application functionality and increase security by leveraging capabilities of the latest technology
  • Migrate your legacy hardware to mitigate your obsolescence risk by moving to the latest technology and reduce your maintenance costs and downtime
  • Convert third-party equipment to minimize complexity and reduce carrying costs by standardizing your hardware platforms

Why work with Rockwell Automation on your modernization or conversion project?

  • Domain expertise and capability to help you develop a modernization path to address your biggest risks first and support desired business outcomes
  • Utilization of local resources and long-term support with our global footprint
  • Projects delivered based on your schedule, budget, and specific needs using Rockwell Automation best practices

Custom Modernization Solutions

Across industries and processes, we understand that a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation is your goal. As your partner, we offer you industry- and technology-specific expertise to meet these goals and your unique challenges. By understanding your requirements, our Global Solutions team draws on our wealth of in-house expertise and partner resources. Through this expertise, we deliver repeatable, scalable, and maintainable solutions, tailored to your specific challenges.

Our Modernization Services help you incorporate newer technologies at a pace that is comfortable for you. Our solutions are designed to minimize downtime, maximize operational success, and lessen the risk of maintaining legacy equipment. Most important, modernization services drive system lifecycle cost savings.

Our customers see the greatest successes when a front-end engineering and design (FEED) survey has taken place. More than a cost estimate, FEED comprises a project scope, budget, total cost of ownership, implementation timeline, and risk assessment.

Modernization Service Agreement

A Phased Migration Approach That Fits Your Budget

If you have a large installed base of legacy equipment, but do not necessarily have the budget to upgrade it, we offer a Modernization Service Agreement. This option helps minimize the risk of operating aging automation assets and enables you to upgrade to the latest technology on a set time schedule. With a phased approach, you can minimize and plan for downtime. The agreement includes support, modernization, and program management for a fixed fee.

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