DeviceNet Connected Products

We offer a wide variety of DeviceNet™ Connected Products for your applications. Products have either a built-in DeviceNet interface or connect to the DeviceNet network via an optional communication interface module. We continue our investment in DeviceNet through solutions that help make DeviceNet easier to wire, commission, and troubleshoot.

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DeviceNet Media Design and Installation Guide


  • Products range from controllers, I/O, and operator interface to drives to motor control and energy management products
  • Includes built-in DeviceNet™ connectivity for many products
  • Offers a wide range of DeviceNet push buttons, signaling devices, and sensor
  • Features DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology on some products
  • Offers the ability to connect a PC to a DeviceNet network using the USB to DeviceNet cable
  • Offers PCI-bus and RS-232-C to DeviceNet interface
  • Offers a variety of products from our Encompass™ partners


Condition Monitoring

  • XM Series Intelligent I/O Modules

I/O Modules

  • ArmorBlock Guard Safety I/O
  • ArmorBlock I/O
  • Compact I/O
  • CompactBlock Guard Safety I/O
  • CompactBlock I/O — includes DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology
  • CompactBlock LDX I/O
  • ControlLogix I/O — supports single and redundant ControlNet media
  • Embedded I/O — includes DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology
  • MicroLogix Expansion I/O
  • POINT Guard Safety I/O
  • Universal I/O


  • PowerFlex 4 AC Drives
  • PowerFlex 4M AC Drives
  • PowerFlex 40 AC Drives — DeviceNet™ network connectivity also available as a configured option
  • PowerFlex 40P AC Drives 
  • PowerFlex 400 AC Drives — DeviceNet™ network connectivity also available as a configured option
  • PowerFlex 70 AC Drives 
  • PowerFlex 700 AC Drives 
  • PowerFlex 700S AC Drives with DriveLogix 
  • PowerFlex 755 AC Drives
  • PowerFlex 7000 AC Drives 
  • PowerFlex DC Drives

PanelView Plus Graphic Terminals

Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives

Motor Control

  • Distributed Motor Controllers
  • E3 and E3 Plus Electronic Overload Relays
  • E1 Plus Electronic Overload Relays
  • CENTERLINE 1500 Motor Control Centers
  • CENTERLINE 2100 Motor Control Centers
  • CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers

Network & Security Infrastructure

  • USB to ControlNet Cable
  • PCI-bus to ControlNet Interfaces
  • RS-232-C to ControlNet Interfaces

Programmable Controllers

  • CompactLogix 5370 Controllers
  • CompactLogix L4x and Compact GuardLogix L4xS Controllers
  • CompactLogix L3x Controllers
  • ControlLogix 5570 Controllers
  • MicroLogix Controllers — messaging
  • SLC 500 Controllers
  • SoftLogix Controllers

Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

  • Control Tower Stack Lights
  • NEMA 30 mm Assembled Stations

Sensors & Switches

  • RightSight ClearSight RightSight Clear Object Detection Sensors
  • Bulletin 871TM Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors
  • Bulletin 802DN DeviceNet Limit Switches
  • Bulletin 842D DeviceNet Multi-Turn Magnetic Encoders


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DeviceNet Media Design and Installation Guide DNET-UM072
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