Natural Gas Power Generation

Modern Control Systems for the Fuel Source of the Future

Natural Gas Power Generation

There is activity with the use of natural gas as a feedstock. You might be burning it or converting from coal to natural gas or co-firing. Regardless of what stage you are at, we offer plant-wide natural gas automation and turbine control systems. These solutions can bring your plant online quickly and keep it on online so you can meet your production goals.

Reliable, Efficient, and Secure Operations

Operational Flexibility, Maximum Uptime, and Secure Connectivity

Modern power plants need reliable equipment to maintain high availability. Today, automation systems can provide the speed and functionality to control gas power generation equipment for maximum flexibility and uptime. However, the ability to maximize performance and minimize downtime requires levels of connectivity and information integration that has not been seen before.

Plant-wide Control Solutions

Scalable, Integrated, and Profitable

Whether you update or replace your existing control system, we can help you migrate to a modern control system. Our PlantPAx® distributed control system offers integration of process, motor, and safety control for more efficient operation. Combined with integrated solutions, it helps ensure high availability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to extract the most value from your systems.

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Gas Turbine Control System Upgrade

Public Utility Optimizes Gas Turbine Generation

In 2006, Hawaii Electric Light Company Keahole plant was faced with upwards of 50% downtime caused by an obsolete control system supplied with the turbines. Parts were difficult to acquire and service engineers took a long time to get to the site when needed. The plant was operating at reduced capacity. A new gas turbine control system was installed that resulting in significantly reduced downtime.

Network and Security Services

We can help you design a secure network in your plant without sacrificing performance.  We know both control applications and networking technology. Our experts know applicable industry standards (ISA, NIST, INL, DHS), and we offer full life-cycle services with global delivery capability.

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