Aerospace Manufacturing

Meet Demand, Contain Costs and Stay Secure with Digital Solutions


Achieve Smarter, Faster Aerospace Production

In the coming decades, your aerospace manufacturing operations will need to reach new heights. You must be able to keep up with demand, whether it’s helping double the world’s commercial air fleet in the coming decades or delivering a new generation of spacecraft that can launch payloads faster than ever. And you must be able to maintain high levels of safety and security in your operations.

To succeed, you need a highly efficient, digital-first strategy that opens new possibilities in aerospace production. Your strategy must:

  • Use data and digital technologies to accelerate time to market and reduce operating costs.
  • Employ strong cybersecurity to help protect people, productivity, and intellectual property.
  • Leverage modern safety technologies to minimize worker risks and boost your productivity.

We can help you take your operations to new frontiers, whether you’re an aerospace manufacturer or supplier. With the latest automation and digital technologies, we can help you achieve smarter, more efficient, and more securely connected production.

Capabilities to Meet Growing Demand

Digital Technologies

Digital solutions can simplify and accelerate how your production personnel work.

With analytics, for example, operators can use real-time information to use assets better, quickly spot quality issues, and even predict failures. With a digital twin of your product, system, or process, engineers can test production changes before implementing them. And technicians can quickly spot asset maintenance needs and be guided through the repair process.

Automation and Control

By integrating control and information systems into one plant-wide infrastructure, we can help you gain a common framework that’s easier to install, operate, and maintain. Real-time, actionable information can be delivered to people when, where, and how they need it. And overall system efficiency, maintainability, and flexibility can be improved.

Our partnerships with companies like FANUC, a leading maker of CNCs and robots, also give you access to integrated manufacturing solutions that can help you simplify system engineering and improve productivity.


Protecting what matters most to you is a difficult job as you face continually evolving cyber threats.

We can help secure your aerospace manufacturing operations in line with best security practices. Our control solutions are designed per global security standards and use security features like access control and tamper detection. Additionally our security services can help you monitor, detect, and respond to and recover from threats.


Contemporary safety technologies can help you keep workers safe and improve your productivity.

Get better visibility into safety-related downtime, speed up the data-collection process, and enhance safety with capabilities like remote access. And integrate motion control and safety onto one network to unlock features like safe speed monitoring, which allows operators to perform specific tasks safely without fully stopping a machine.


Keeping a record of what’s added to your final assemblies confirms you stay on top of issues like recalls and meet quality standards. Our production software can give you backward and forward traceability of parts and materials. This can help you more quickly identify and address quality issues and help limit the scope of potential recalls.

Connected Sevices

Finding the right talent to implement digital technologies or get the most value from them can be a challenge today.

Our Connected Services can give you the skills you need for your digital transformation on an ongoing or one-time basis. We can help you connect and secure your infrastructure, use data to improve productivity and monitor and support your smart production assets.

Technology and Experience Come Together

Whether you’re expanding, updating, or digitally overhauling your operations, you need more than technology. You need a partner that understands the unique demands and challenges of aerospace production.

Rockwell Automation combines technical know-how with domain experience. For decades, we’ve helped aerospace manufacturers and suppliers improve productivity, reduce material waste, and get products to market faster. Learn more about how we’ve helped companies like yours overcome production challenges and gain a competitive edge.

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