View FactoryTalk Optix online tools

On the FactoryTalk Optix landing page you can watch interactive cloud-hosted demos of FactoryTalk Optix Runtime applications.
You can either open the demos from a browser or download them onto your computer.
  1. Access the FactoryTalk Optix landing page. See FactoryTalk Optix landing page.
  2. Authenticate as required.
  3. At the top of the FactoryTalk Optix landing page, select
  4. Next to each demo, select either:
    • Open in Browser
      : Play the demo in the same browser where the FactoryTalk Hub is open.
    • Download
      : Download the demo onto your computer.
    When you select
    , the public FactoryTalk Optix GitHub organization opens.
    Open FactoryTalk Optix by selecting
    From remote
    and paste the URL that you find on the GitHub page under the
    Alternatively, you can download the project from GitHub by selecting
    Download ZIP
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