FactoryTalk Optix landing page

The FactoryTalk Optix landing page allows you to download the most recent software release and view your entitlements and organization entitlements.
The FactoryTalk Optix landing page also allows you to:
  • Open or download any available release of FactoryTalk Optix.
  • View release notes for the current release.
  • View changes made to the current release.
  • View applications demos.
NOTE: Select the avatar in the top right corner of the landing page to:
  • Access
    , where you can select the
    Auto open last used workspace
  • Access another organization to which you already belong.

Access the FactoryTalk Optix landing page

  1. Access the FactoryTalk Optix landing page in one of two ways:
  2. Authenticate yourself as required.
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