System features

FactoryTalk Optix
version 1.3.x. has these features.
  • UI enhancements
    • Toggle, Momentary, and Delayed buttons
    • Custom headers in WebBrowser object
    • Horizontal and Vertical layouts wrap to next row or column for improved responsive design
    • Style sheet improvements. More flexible options with new control styles collection.
    • Color picker collections: DefaultStyleSheet, Recents, and Favorites
    • Trend improvements: Y-axis position, snap position, title, pen threshold, time trace mode, and ranges
    • Sparkline object
  • Version control enhancements
    • Bitbucket and Azure DevOps on-premises provider support
    • GitLab cloud provider support
    • Ability to create a new remote repository on initial project push
  • Alarms enhancements
    • The Active variable for exclusive level alarms is now available for each individual alarm level. This enables you to bind properties of graphic objects to animate based on individual alarm levels becoming active.
    • Each alarm threshold can now have a unique message, providing more precise information for operators
  • Data logger enhancements
    • Improved performance for periodic data logging when using the RA EtherNet/IP Driver
    • ValueChange data log types now correctly mark any values which have bad quality, providing a clear record in the log when tags went in or out of bad quality
    • A bad quality tag in a data log does not stop logging the values of all the other tags in the data log
  • Security enhancements
    • Added support for role-based security
    • Ability to add and delete users and groups in the Manage Users and Groups editor
    • Ability to add and assign roles in the Manage Users and Groups editor
  • FactoryTalk Optix Studio enhancements
    • New graphic objects added to the template library
    • Improved project and application import and export performance
    • Web browser updates for progressive web behavior including incognito mode, background loading, and offline operation
    • Search by NodeId in the
      Project View
      supported by prepending "n: " to the search criteria
    • Export and import of OPC UA NodeSet
    • Data type variable filtering when creating and editing dynamic links
    • Browse name and display name in workspace
    • YAML file improved readability with path format
    • Multi-monitor support
    • Support of multiple aliases for Panel Loader, Navigation Panel, and DropDown Button objects through ChangePanel and OpenDialog methods
    • IF built-in function in Expression evaluator
    • Ability to upload a previously deployed project without retentivity
  • Runtime enhancements
    • Runtime tools for Ubuntu 22
    • Browsers connected to the Web Presentation Engine alerted when Runtime is not responding and reconnection is automatically attempted
    • IP Address property for connected client sessions
  • Scripting enhancements
    • Support of customized polling time for RemoteVariableSynchronizer method in C#
  • FactoryTalk Optix landing page in FactoryTalk Hub enhancement
    • Demo projects available for download
  • IoT PushAgent script update and enhancements
    • PushAgent moved to “Scripts” in library
    • PushAgent protocol upgraded to MQTTNet
    • Improved configuration with commonly used defaults and additional script properties
    • Enhanced script compatibility with Azure IoT Hub
  • Communication drivers enhancements
    • Updated Beckhoff TwinCAT communication driver
    • Certificate-protected communications in Siemens S7 TIA Profinet communication driver
    • Ability to create instances of Communication driver imported types and user-defined types
  • Licenses enhancements
    • Rehost FactoryTalk Optix runtime entitlements
    • Docker licensing with Entitlement Agent
  • Support of Logix controller AOI local tags, online tag import only
    • Add-on instruction instance local tags are now available through the online tag importer.  Offline AOI local tag importing will be available in the next release.
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