FactoryTalk Optix Release Notes

View system features, system requirements, and application notes for visualization projects.
FactoryTalk® Optix
is a visualization platform that accelerates value delivery with modern technologies, innovative designs, and modular deployment.
FactoryTalk Optix
offers new levels of collaboration, scalability and interoperability to achieve your HMI vision. Cloud-enabled workflows allow collaboration at any time and from anywhere with built-in change tracking and versioning.
Integration with
FactoryTalk Remote Access
guarantees secure access to install, troubleshoot, and update from anywhere and from the optional
FactoryTalk Optix Studio web editor
. Define a
FactoryTalk Optix Application
using powerful, object-oriented principles and modern, responsive objects without having to specify display size.
FactoryTalk Optix
offers unparalleled OPC UA support and extensibility at design and runtime using integrated C# APIs. Use the built-in emulator or deploy your
FactoryTalk Optix Application
FactoryTalk Optix
release notes contain these sections:
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