Digital Workforce Productivity

Improve Worker Training and Performance

Digital Workforce Productivity

Digital Workforce Productivity solutions help your workforce to be more effective. By providing visibility to data and analytics, they better understand what went wrong and how to fix it.

Drive Measurable Value

Digital Shift Handover

A well-documented shift handover process facilitates efficient capture and transfer of critical shift information. With an easy-to-access and understand record of historical shift information, you can drastically reduce the time required to log information and improve accuracy.

In-context Operator Instructions

Remove the language barrier. Deliver up-to-date, digital, and in-context information to operators on the shop floor. By combining data with digital 3D work instructions, your operators can get back up and running quickly.

Workforce Performance Monitoring

Track and compare actual versus planned manufacturing operation execution across shifts, orders, material and quality so you can identify labor variances that require worker productivity improvements.

Augmented Remote Assistance

Instantly connect remote experts to field technicians for over-the-shoulder collaboration and support to accelerate troubleshooting and maximize equipment uptime.

GE Healthcare and Rockwell Automation are combining their automation, IT and single-use solution expertise to build bioprocessing operations for the digital age. The two companies will help biopharmaceutical companies create flexible and scalable facilities of the future, focused on rapid response to market demands, streamlined production technologies and adaptable manufacturing environments. GE Healthcare has also joined the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Program as an OEM Partner to help drive a best-in-class distributed control system offering.​​

How Does Digital Workforce Productivity Help?


Skilled workers are retiring and taking years of knowledge with them. Plant-level operators are not able to easily access information quickly to make good decisions.


Digital Workforce Productivity empowers your workforce with actionable, augmented intelligence that improves productivity and quality while avoiding safety and compliance risks. The solution’s performance enhancement and monitoring tools help workers at any level of expertise. Expand these capabilities with AR-based training and instructions, then optimize your factory floor with sophisticated AI-driven insights and interfaces.

What This Means to You

Your workers will be more productive and generate higher-quality products more safely. Train workers faster and more effectively and remove language barriers. Empower your workforce to do their best.

Digital Workforce Productivity Solutions in Action

Workforce Productivity Maintenance Solutions

Your workforce is key to keeping your plant safe, productive and efficient. See how you can empower them to speed changeovers and repairs and improve ramp-up time for new and seasonal workers with effective knowledge transfer capabilities.

Digital Workforce Productivity Training Solutions

Empower your workers to perform better. See how you can achieve greater productivity, lower costs, increase flexibility and agility, and improve safety and compliance with FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite digital workforce productivity solutions.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite: Making Every Worker Your Best Worker

Make role-based tools work for you.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite: Meet the Operator Advisor

Learn how industrial IoT addresses workforce challenges, co-presented by PTC.

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