Redundant ControlNet to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Linking Device

Our Bulletin 1788 Redundant ContolNet™ to FOUNDATION Fieldbus (H1) Linking Device provides a fast and integrated solution for adding FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices to any Logix platform.


  • Self-contained, panel, or DIN-rail mountable device
  • Links a ControlNet™ network to a single H1 segment
  • Connects and powers as many as 16 field devices, eliminating the need for external power conditioners
  • Supports multiple levels of device and media redundancy
    • Provides two physical H1 ports
    • Intelligent Fieldbus Junction Box protects the network from both short and open circuit faults, improving the overall reliability of the system
  • Supports ControlNet Media redundancy
  • Supports Master Device redundancy
    • Allows two identically-configured Redundant ControlNet to FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices to be connected on the same H1 network
    • Supports transfer of data between the devices and the Logix controller
  • Provides seamless RSLogix5000™ integration through Add-On Profiles, which automatically identifies field devices and configures them to their default settings
  • Supports FDT/DTM Technology, allowing direct access to field device diagnostics and parameters using an FDT frame, such as FactoryTalk® AssetCentre
  • Provides all basic diagnostic information in the input assembly
  • Helps simplify large network commissioning through diagnostic parameters such as Power Supply Voltage, H1 Bus Voltage (A & B bus), H1 Bus Current (A & B bus), and Unit Internal Temperature
  • Simplifies commissioning through onboard advanced diagnostics, including a node-specific H1 bus oscilloscope trace that can be viewed within the RSLogix5000 Add-On Profile
  • Contains the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Registered FF H1 Stack developed by Rockwell Automation®

Additional Information

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  • c-UL-us
  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • EtherNet/IP
  • KC
  • FF
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Resource Publication Number Language
Redundant ControlNet to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Linking Device Quick Start 1788-QS007
EtherNet/IP and ControlNet to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Linking Device User Manual 1788-UM057
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