Safety in the Industrial Internet of Things

Understand the Effects of The Connected Enterprise on Safety

Safety in the Industrial Internet of Things

Workplace safety is a multifaceted issue vital to protect workers, avoid production interruptions and achieve operational excellence. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the convergence of enterprise-level information technology (IT) and plant level operations technology (OT) systems, to enable companies to access production, quality, safety, and other data.

Safety professionals can use The Connected Enterprise to improve safety, productivity and profitability.This data helps improve safety system visibility, understand safety risks, reduce safety related downtime, evaluate safety system use or misuse, and improve compliance.

Safety and Risk Management in the Age of IIoT

Traditionally, the safety function is often viewed as the compliance police in industrial operations that lead to the view that workplace safety comes at the expense of productivity. Today, EHS and safety management are more often viewed as vital contributors to operational excellence and business performance. LNS Research, a leading automation analyst firm, offers perspective on safety and risk management in this detailed whitepaper.

Reimagine Safety in The Connected Enterprise

The Industrial Internet of Things is Making Safety Productive

The IIoT can substantially improve safety compliance and performance, provide real-time insight into worker behaviors, machinery compliance, causes of safety stoppages, safety anomalies and trends.

Discover Smart Manufacturing with The Connected Enterprise

Safety and Security

Safety and Security are Inseparable

As industrial operations become more connected, do not overlook the inherent safety implications of security risks. Attackers often go after the safety systems that protect workers, equipment, and environment.

Safety and the Evolution of the Global Workforce

The global workforce continues to evolve. Companies must get the most from every worker, younger or older, skilled and unskilled, and keep them safe and productive. Learn steps you can take.

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