Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors

Bulletin 871TM Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors are ideal for harsh or extremely demanding environments. These sensors resist impact, abrasion and corrosion—to keep things moving where ordinary sensors grind to a halt. This line features full mechanical seals at all barrel openings and full epoxy encapsulation for optimal performance in the toughest environments.

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Presence Sensing Brochure Bulletin 871TM Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link Product Profile Inductive Proximity Sensors Technical Data


  • Incorporates embedded IO-Link communication protocol in select 871TM sensors to help minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • IO-Link enabled sensors offer advanced features and diagnostics including Automatic Device Configuration, multiple profiles, trending, descriptive tags, and device specific parameters
  • Weld Field Immune (select models) feature up to 40mT protection
  • 8 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, and 30 mm diameters
  • 10...30V DC or 40...250V AC/DC units available
  • Contacts are N.O. or N.C., NPN or PNP output
  • PVC or ToughLink™ cable or micro quick disconnect
  • 1200 psi washdown
  • Sensing modes available: standard and extended/equal range
  • Short circuit, overload, transient noise, false pulse, reverse polarity, and radio frequency interference protection
Additional Information

Rockwell Automation announces as of June 2019 our Bulletin 871TM Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors with DeviceNet will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. These DeviceNet products are being discontinued without replacement due to the obsolescence of critical DeviceNet electronic components. 

Sensors on IO-Link Can Enable the Connected Enterprise

Watch how smart sensors with IO-Link can enable smart machines for The Connected Enterprise.

IO-Link Technology

IO-Link Technology is a worldwide open-standard protocol that integrates sensors into our Connected Enterprise by connecting the IO-Link enabled device into an IO-Link master module. You can deliver data from the sensor directly into a control system in a very efficient manner. The flexibility of IO-Link capable sensors allows machines to operate more effectively by providing the controller with diagnostics. In addition to product detection, sensors provide detailed and accurate machine health status to improve uptime.

Product Selection



Most models:

  • CE Marked for all applicable directives
  • CSA Certified
  • IO-Link
  • UL Listed
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Resource Publication Number Language
Presence Sensing Brochure SENSOR-BR001
Bulletin 871TM Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link Product Profile 871TM-PP002
Inductive Proximity Sensors Technical Data PROX-TD001
Bulletin 871TM Inductive Proximity Sensor Installation Instructions 871TM-IN001
Inductive Proximity Sensors Installation Instructions 871TM-IN003
Bulletin 871TM Extended Range Inductive Proximity Sensor User Manual 871TM-UM001
Bulletin 871TM Long Range Inductive Sensors with IO-Link Interface User Manual 871TM-UM002
Integrated Smart Sensor Solution Quick Reference Guide IOLINK-SP001
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Typical applications for the Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors include:

  • Packaging applications
  • Automotive welding equipment
  • Food-processing plants

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