FactoryTalk® Batch allows you to apply one control and information system across your process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention. It enables you to develop modern batch control strategies by supporting flexible production capabilities and standardized company procedures while accelerating product and process development.

The net result – your equipment is better utilized, product quality is improved, the need for visibility and access to actionable data is better met, and your costs are reduced.

Latest Releases
Version 14.00

New runtime area model updates

  • FactoryTalk Batch version 14.00 adds the ability to deploy area model changes to a batch server while it is running
  • This feature makes the FactoryTalk Batch system more flexible and easier to adapt to changing requirements while still improving the amount of system uptime and overall productivity
  • Edits are made to the area model using existing design tools, then must be verified and explicitly deployed to runtime area model on the FactoryTalk Batch server

New recipe formulations

  • The ability to optionally create recipe formulations to help reduce the complexity of recipe management and provide greater flexibility in product variation for seasonal or environmental changes
  • Recipe formulations build a common recipe that can make various products by changing recipe input parameters
  • You can build and save a recipe formulation, and then select from the list of saved formulations when adding a batch to the batch list

Improved FactoryTalk Linx adoption

  • FactoryTalk Batch 14.00 now supports FactoryTalk Linx as a data server for PhaseManager™ and SequenceManager™
  • Using FactoryTalk Linx instead of RSLinx® Classic provides faster, more reliable, and more secure communication with the controller

Improved audit messages

  • If auditing is enabled, you can route Batch audit messages to both FactoryTalk AssetCentre and FactoryTalk Diagnostic’s local log individually or simultaneously
  • Batch audit messages are generated in two formats: Engineer Audit (for the local log) and Secure Audit (for FactoryTalk AssetCentre)

Updated enterprise integration API

  • FactoryTalk Batch version 14.00 is the first release to include the installer for new FactoryTalk Batch Enterprise Integration API add-on
  • This API is built on top of the FactoryTalk® Batch View™ web server and provides a modern API that allows web-based enterprise systems, such as PharmaSuite® MES, to integrate easily with FactoryTalk Batch

Improved modern runtime user interface

  • FactoryTalk Batch View v2.00 has been integrated into the FactoryTalk Batch v14.00 release
  • This modern browser-based user interface has been updated to support the features of legacy Batch View including adding support for arbitration, binding, parameter expressions, recipe comments, and material-based recipes
  • It also includes improvements for prompt grouping, security policy granularity, and localization
  • In addition, it supports the new Runtime Area Model Updates and Recipe Formulations features of FactoryTalk Batch v14.00

Improved embedded batch control

  • The FactoryTalk Batch View HMI Controls has also been integrated into the FactoryTalk Batch v14.00 release
  • These modern controls are built on top of the FactoryTalk Batch View web server and designed to embed batch control into FactoryTalk View SE runtime clients
  • This new version Implements additional properties, methods, and events to facilitate migration for legacy Batch ActiveX control customers, providing tighter integration between the user controls and it significantly increases scripting capabilities
  • It also includes an additional control that allows embedding of SFC/PFC directly into FactoryTalk View SE runtime clients
  • Lastly, FactoryTalk Batch View HMI Controls now inherit localization settings from the FactoryTalk View SE runtime client

Product lifecycle status

  • FactoryTalk® eProcedure® client, legacy FactoryTalk Batch View client, and the legacy FactoryTalk Batch ActiveX Controls have entered the End of Life stage of the product lifecycle with this release
  • If your production system has dependencies on these products, we recommend that you transition to the modern FactoryTalk Batch View and FactoryTalk Batch View HMI Controls
Version 13.02

Integration with SequenceManager™ software

  • Enables batch sequencing to occur at either the controller or server level
  • Allows machine builders to develop and deliver fully tested skids that end users can integrate into their batch process, with minimal validation and commissioning effort
  • Minimizes the rework required when manufacturers with small, controller-based batch systems expand to larger, server-based batch systems

Integration with FactoryTalk Batch View for mobility and enhanced HMI experience

  • Graphics are capable of adapting to any mobile device, such as iPhone and Android
  • Can be leveraged on existing FactoryTalk Batch workstations as the HMI visualization interface to the batch
  • Helps create intuitive workflows, reduces procedural steps and increases collaboration
  • Access real-time information, interact with processes and secure approvals from anywhere in a plant

Enhanced administration tools

  • A modern interface helps reduce the number of clicks required to access information
  • Makes data available for continuous improvement analysis while helping to protect the integrity of data so that it can be leveraged in regulatory and quality control reporting


Optimize supply chain

Material Manager technology provides just-in-time, plant-level material management and tracking that integrates with companywide inventory management applications

Reinforce consistency

eProcedure® software automates manual procedures with an interactive, web-based interface to sequence and document your manufacturing operations (including enforcing signoffs in accordance with 21CFR part 11 compliance)

Save commissioning time

With SequenceManager™ technology, machine builders can develop and deliver fully tested machines that users can integrate into their batch process with minimal validation and commissioning effort

Save commissioning time

With SequenceManager™ technology, machine builders can develop and deliver fully tested machines that users can integrate into their batch process with minimal validation and commissioning effort

Room to grow

Flexible features, combined with proven technology, make this solution beneficial for all batch processes from enterprise-wide architectures to single-unit applications

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