Automated Water and Wastewater Systems

Automation for Water Treatment and Distribution Systems

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Lower Your Project and Maintenance Costs

Dependable, Flexible Control Solutions to Maximize Productivity

Water industry professionals around the world face major challenges:

  • Tighter water quality standards and rising labor, operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased security and stringent government regulations
  • System capacity expansion with increased equipment reliability
  • Control and distribution systems that are aging which require upgrades

We invest extensively in the development of new products and technologies to deliver best-in-class process control solutions to help you maximize productivity while reducing costs. From field devices and motor control through the supervisory layers to business integration systems, our water and wastewater solutions:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce cost of implementation
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Allow for future expandability

Solutions for Water Treatment Operations

Fresh Water

Accessing data is important for managing your operations. We provide the necessary solutions to help you get secure access to your data. This in turn allows you to improve system performance through increased visibility into the production process.


Our process control and motor control solutions provide the levels of control and security necessary for your operations. They help you rein in energy use and manage your assets for improved optimization.

Integrating Control for Better Utility Management

Globally, our water team is focused on developing solutions to help you address the most compelling challenges in the industry. Today, you must:

  • Meet accelerating water supply and conservation challenges
  • Reduce process variability and meet ever-more-stringent regulatory requirements
  • Improve operational and energy efficiency
  • Integrate new technology into an aging infrastructure
  • Achieve secure, remote information for both internal personnel and external stakeholders and customers who are demanding it

To address these challenges, you require an integrated control system. It is a system that must integrate process control, motor control and information.

How Have We Helped Businesses Like Yours?

Along with our many partners, we have been helping customers in the water industry for decades. Our solutions help with compliance and keep costs down.

Integrated System Helps improve Operations
"Our previous system was outdated and we required an upgrade to help simplify the process of complying with current water regulations in New Zealand. Not only that, but we identified the potential for improving operational efficiencies at the plant by implementing an integrated system that aims to increase productivity and reduce down-time."

- Gary Pitcaithly, Automation Manager, Hamilton City Council

The Connected Enterprise Improves Water Plants

You need to be able to extract data from within your industrial or municipal water treatment assets. The convergence of IT and OT is also on the lips of just about everyone in industry. Do you have a vision for how you can embrace data and new technologies to improve your operations? The Connected Enterprise is our vision. For decades we have been building our core value around a single platform for process control, motor control, safety and Information technologies. This platform has a standard secure Ethernet backbone. With the combination of integrated control and secure communications, the vision of the Connected Enterprise can be your reality. It is a framework you can adopt and tailor to your own needs. It becomes your connected enterprise, and it helps you make your water or utility operations:

  • More productive
  • More agile
  • More sustainable
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