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Full Scope Solutions, Lower TCO, Reduced Project Risk

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Looking to reduce the risk associated with your large capital project? That’s what a main automation contractor (MAC) can do. Whether it’s a specific area like electrical or instrumentation, or more collaborative pursuits with third-parties, like integration of OEM equipment, we can help manage a little or a lot of your large project, while coordinating efforts with the EPC.

Engage a MAC for Your Large Projects

The risks associated with managing a greenfield or brownfield project are well-documented. You have likely experienced them, and do not want to again! We have the experience serving as a MAC on large capital projects, and have proven methodologies for keeping project scope, budget overruns, and poor vendor management at bay. We can help you reduce your risk and get your project delivered on time and on budget. Just like this customer.

Don’t Complicate, Simplify Project Management

To avoid budget and scope creep, a leading North American energy producer chose Rockwell Automation to be their MAC. We started pre-FEED through FAT testing and ongoing support. By using us throughout the project lifecycle, they saw the schedule accelerated by 4-6 weeks resulting in an estimated budget savings of 5%.

What is an OEM MAC?

Using an OEM MAC in Your Next Capital Project

A main automation contractor is a single contractor that provides engineering services to manage the instrumentation, information, and safety aspects of your project. An OEM MAC goes a step further and engages early in the project to work through skid connectivity and integration challenges. They help create the technical standard and work with OEMs in the build process. One big benefit of this kind of approach is standardization. Having the same automation standard across all skids makes integration easier. Data is easily accessible because the network and systems are harmonized. A well-organized project plan upfront makes for a smoother process and saves you valuable time at startup as well as reducing risk.

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