Mine-to-Market Integration

Improve Decision-making with Applications Designed for Mining

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The information revolution has created huge opportunity for mining companies to fundamentally change their business – to become more productive, agile, profitable and safe. And yet, many mining companies are still unable to use their operations data to make decisions. Our solutions will help bring critical context to your data.

Mining Operations Management and Mining Execution Systems

Improve decision-making with scalable, fit-for-purpose mining operations management (MOM) applications designed for mining. Bring critical contextualized production, asset and inventory-management information together in a single environment.

Increase quality, repeatability and efficiency with a true mining exectuion system (MES) solution that coordinates and orchestrates your mining equipment and resources in real time.

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Simulation and Digital Twin for Mining Equipment and Supply Chain

Changes in one area of your mine impact other areas—often in ways not anticipated. Business process simulation software is an effective way to evaluate the full implications of business decisions before they are put into practice.

Digital Technologies for Mining

Leverage our expertise, technology, partnerships and resources to simplify your industrial transformation and innovate with greater agility:

  • Remote operations
  • Augmented reality for field workers and training
  • Controller based, edge or enterprise-level scalable analytics solutions

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