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Automation, Process Control, and Information Solutions in Biotech Industry

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Manufacturers can address quality, yield, and regulatory challenges through integration of biotech manufacturing processes with the rest of the enterprise.

Turn Production Data into Actionable Information

Smart, Connected, Productive: The Way Forward for Biotechnology

Global biotech companies face unprecedented challenges that include time and cost to bring products to market, increased competition, regulatory compliance, quality, and production efficiencies. For every challenge in biotech, there is a technology solution. The answer to this challenge is simple: implement a smart, connected facility. A smart, connected plant that is built on an integrated, flexible, information-enabled automation system delivers business value through:

  • Accelerated product introductions
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • "Right First Time" release
  • Reduced cycle times

We understand the path forward. We offer an impressive set of biotechnology manufacturing solutions that include process, information, automation, and services. The way of the future for biotech is through a smart, connected, informative, and productive facility.

Flexible Manufacturing

Achieve More with Disposable and Single-Use Technologies

Thanks to advances in technology, biopharmaceutical companies can now deploy “facilities of the future.” These facilities are typically multi-product, and are enabled with modular design/build concepts and flexible process equipment, which includes single-use and mobile technology. But with this approach comes new challenges for docking and undocking the equipment, and verification that proper connections have been made. Our single-use solutions are designed to help biopharmaceutical companies achieve success throughout the lifecycle of these modern facilities.

The single-use solution provides:

  • Equipment tracking
  • Flow-path verification
  • Material tracking
  • Hygienic status tracking
  • Regulatory compliance

The scalable automation platform delivers a fully integrated, flexible system with built-in plug and play technology. This functionality is critical to configuration and control of mobile or disposable equipment. When combined with our Manufacturing Intelligence and MES solutions, this approach enables flexible multi-product manufacturing and real-time visibility and traceability.

Life Sciences Firm Develops Stem Cell Facility

Integrated Process Control System Raises Benchmark for Operations

Biopharmax, a builder of manufacturing facilities around the world, was tasked to design a new insulin production facility in China with a strict time schedule. By deploying Rockwell Automation solutions, they saved time and engineering effort and raised the benchmark for process operations.

Modern DCS Improves Visibility and Uptime

A biopharmaceuticals producer upgraded skid control systems and improved operations visibility and uptime in the process. The new control systems help operators more quickly configure applications to speed up production deployments and shorten cycle time. An upgraded network enables visibility into the system with remote-access capabilities. Detailed alarms speed up troubleshooting.

Pharmasuite Manufacturing Execution System

Accelerate Time-to-Market. Enhance Quality and Compliance

In the current highly competitive and regulated biotech industry, balance is crucial for success. Meet your operational goals and productivity requirements in a consistent and predictable way with PharmaSuite® MES. Such a broad set of challenges requires an end-to-end solution.

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Agile Biotech Production

To meet the shift in the biotech industry, manufacturing systems must provide the agility and accuracy to handle the complexity of a smaller and more flexible production process.

We understand this paradigm shift. We offer an impressive set of solutions that include process, information, automation, and services. These offerings provide a lean/six sigma environment that enables easy scale up and reduces waste.

Flexibility and Scalability for Your Manufacturing Process

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