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In the food and beverage industry, you face continued pressure to increase productivity while reducing costs.

Information is power, so it is essential that your food and beverage manufacturing software provides easy access to accurate real-time data. This manufacturing intelligence can help you take the right steps at the right time to improve yield and reduce waste.

Be an Agile Food Producer

Increase Yield and Optimize Assets

To meet the challenges that face food manufacturers, you should understand the entire food manufacturing spectrum. Then you can identify areas where efficiencies can be realized. The agile food producer can stay competitive when they make operational and safety improvements. They can also increase asset utilization and throughput and maximize yield.

Automate Reporting, Increase Plant Efficiency

Increase Plant Visibility and Cut Expenses Through Repeatable Integration

Agile and efficient production processes create consistent and predictable results. As one Midwestern U.S. consumer goods plant discovered, it is easier and far more cost-effective to achieve this objective when you have access to timely, accurate operational information.

RAPID Line Integration™ solution for integrated line control and performance was deployed plant-wide to provide real-time, detailed visibility into the entire packaging operation down to the machine level. They integrated a total of 92 unique machine centers, covering 10 packaging lines using existing network and IT infrastructure. They increased real-time OEE visibility and reduced costs.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

Increase Output to Meet Demand, Reduce Downtime, and Ensure Batch Quality

To meet growing demand for pastries and tighter control on processes, Country Maid deployed PlantPAx®, a scalable, plant-wide process control system.

This system includes visualization, analysis, and a reporting portal to view production trends. The system provides production intelligence by collecting and reporting data from disparate sources.

Country Maid had greater access to quality data which enabled them to make better decisions based on data from each batch. They were able to increase their output, reduce downtime and ensure batch consistency.

Optimize Operational Performance

Our control and information solutions provide the data that can reveal new ways to increase production, reduce costs, and increase quality. FactoryTalk® Metrics reports on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). PlantPAx, a scalable, plant-wide process control system, collects and reports production data from disparate sources.

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