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Meet the Makers: Meena Held on What We Stand For

As an OEM Account Manager, when Meena Held talks about taking care of customers, she means it. When she talks about taking care of each other, she means that, too.

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A few months ago, if you asked me what I value about our company, my answers would have been different. I would have focused on customer-centricity, individual learning and development, and collaborative environment.

But now, more than ever: I value what we stand for.

The last few months have tested us all. First the pandemic changed the way we work, and significantly affected many people – emotionally, physically and mentally. And now, just like many of my colleagues, I am on a diversity and inclusion journey to learn more deeply about challenges that are not my own.

I’ve always respected the way my manager regularly checks in with his team. His manager does the same – and she just sent an email with this quote: “Having white privilege doesn’t mean that your life isn’t difficult, it simply means that your skin color isn’t one of the things contributing to your life difficulties.” (Author Shola Richards)

I stayed in the email for a long time. She’s struggling and wanted to open the dialog. It’s just one example of how my peers and leaders are encouraging conversation.

In my job as an OEM account manager, I listen to my customers, pivot and adapt to what they need.  When we talk about taking care of customers, we mean it. When we talk about taking care of each other, we mean that, too.

That’s a big part of the culture here, and something we continually strive to do: You see something that needs to be done, words that need to be said, support that needs to be given... and you do it. You say it.  You give it.

We know what we stand for.

This is a culture that nurtures makers, encourages risk-takers and builds leaders – it’s an environment that creates and craves connections. Now more than ever, those connections are important.

I am an advocate for my customers and that means I’m an active listener. And that same skill is what I use with my colleagues. I’m listening. I hear you.

I am so grateful that I work in an organization that is inclusive and ethical, with high integrity and high expectations of how we treat one another. We speak up when times are difficult.

During my 12 years with this company, I’ve been able to do the things I’ve wanted to do, and for that I feel privileged. I appreciate the willingness of people to allow me to try – to grow from things that work, and to learn even more from things that do not.

I'm encouraged to learn and grow and try new things, and I encourage others to do the same.  The freedom to do that, the connections I create and rely on every day, is what gives me satisfaction and builds my energy. This company’s inclusion values align me with mine. I am proud of that.  When I’m working with customers, I represent the company. I am Rockwell Automation.

If this sounds like a culture where you could do your best work, join us.

Meena Held
Meena Held
OEM Account Manager, Rockwell Automation

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