Enterprise Operational Intelligence

Maximize The Value of Data

Enterprise Operational Intelligence

Enterprise Operational Intelligence solutions help you understand and respond to how your production is performing. Gain complete, real-time visibility into your operations. Drive a focused strategy to address performance inconsistencies. Speed time-to-market as you enhance overall efficiency.

Drive Measurable Value

Production & Performance Monitoring

Data from connected equipment, lines and processes flows throughout your factory, and now you can more accurately monitor and manage that data to solve issues and adapt to changes. Real-time performance indicators like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are available at every level - plant, line and product - so you can make better, faster decisions and improve production efficiency.

Asset Health Monitoring

Improve uptime with real-time monitoring of equipment so you can see when a process is out of alignment, when equipment needs predictive maintenance, or when something is about to go wrong. Analyze the problem and find the root cause so you can keep downtime to a minimum - or avoid it altogether. 

Workforce Performance Monitoring

Empower your people by providing access to the information they need. Track and compare what's actually happening versus what you planned - across shifts, orders, material and quality - so you can identify and address variances and help your employees generate higher-quality products more safely. 

Energy Monitoring and Management

With visibility into each physical asset and process, operators can manage, optimize and reduce energy use on a line, throughout a facility or across the enterprise. Optimized assets help you meet your sustainability goals.

How Can Enterprise Operational Intelligence Help?


Mass customization drives up inventory, work in progress and tooling costs. Product delays and inconsistent performance across lines, cells and plants can affect time to market and reduce market share. Before you can address these issues you need full visibility into your operations. 


Transform your factory floor and your enterprise into an AI-enabled, responsive and connected enterprise. Role-based access to real-time, standardized metrics and information across your systems can increase productivity. Sophisticated tracking and performance analytics can reduce costs while increasing the flexibility and agility of your manufacturing. 

What This Means to You

Use comprehensive, real-time insights to make informed decisions and drive productivity.

Get Real-Time Insights

Propel data-driven decisions with real-time insights into operations.

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