AC Micro Connection Systems

Our Bulletin 889R AC Micro Connection Systems feature industry standard 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 8-pin connectors for your DC-powered components. Cordsets and patchcords feature overmolded connectors and are available in a variety of configurations. A full complement of splitters and tees, distribution boxes, V- and Y-cables, field attachable connectors, and panel mount receptacles round out the line and add even more flexibility to your field wiring.

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Our Bulletin 889 AC Micro Cordsets provide secure connection for proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric sensors, and other field devices. Cables can be 22 AWG or 18 AWG, shielded or unshielded with straight or right-angled connectors. Special coiled cables are also available for applications involving moving equipment.

AC Micro Cordsets & Patchcords
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Our Splitters and Tees are designed for use with Bulletin 198 MDSA AC modules. The polyurethane (PUR) body provides oil and chemical resistance. The ratcheting coupling nuts provide superior vibration resistance.

Splitters & Tees
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Our Bulletin 871A and 889 AC Micro Screw Terminals are passive field-installable connectors for use with raw cable. Our 3-pin style terminal chambers contain screw terminals for quick and easy assembly of custom QD cables on the plant floor. Terminal chambers can be male or female, straight or right-angled, and are available for various cable diameters.

AC Micro Screw Terminals
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Our Bulletin 888 AC Micro Panel Mount Receptacles are designed for bulkhead or panel installation. They are available in 3-, 4- and 5-pin dual keyway versions, male or female, with 1/2 in. NPT or M14x1 threads for quick and easy connection to quick-disconnect mating plugs.

AC Micro Panel Mount Receptacles
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Our Bulletin 898 AC Micro Distribution Boxes are passive and allow multiple devices to be connected to a control system through a single pigtail. Each box features internal-thread female receptacles (4, 6 or 8, depending on model) for quick and easy connection with quick-disconnect mating plugs.

AC Micro Distribution Boxes