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Recycler Uses Intelligent Motor Control Solution to Simplify Operation

Installing new technology allows recycler to efficiently synchronize data between installed machines and devices

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  • Enhance efficiency with an integrated intelligent motor control system
  • Improve network communication with less cost and fewer devices



  • Reduced cost with simpler structure
  • Enhanced power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
  • Real-time motor diagnostic information proactively indicates when a motor is having a problem so operators can efficiently troubleshoot


This recycler’s newest facility dedicated to recovering zinc and lead from the industrial waste stream. This plant recycles electric arc furnace (EAF) steel dust utilizing the Waelz Kiln technology.

The EAF dust generated by steel mills contains zinc. This new facility specializes in the reclamation of zinc and other metals from this dust.

The recycler’s main product is waelz oxide, also known as crude zinc oxide (CZO). This product is transformed into zinc oxide, zinc sulfate or zinc metal by zinc smelters. The recycler also produces waelz iron product (WIP), an iron concentrate.

This recycling facility – located in Korea – will process more than 110,000 tons of EAF dust annually.


At this recycler, one kiln powers everything from iron grinding up to 110,000 tons annually. Demand is rising, increasing the need to transfer to a much smarter plant.

Leadership, aware of the benefits of new technology and solutions, started with a small product: the Allen-Bradley® E300 electronic overload relay. This relay’s flexible design, simplified wiring and seamless Logix integration removes obstacles in network communications, and offers real-time diagnostics to maximize up-time, improve efficiency and productivity, and protect assets.

This factory had started to equip with several Rockwell Automation products and solutions: ControlLogix® control system; SMC™ Flex soft starters; and software, including FactoryTalk® View based on EtherNet.

This was an important application, as it was the first time the E300 electronic overload relay was applied in the Korean market.


The recycler’s main goal was to simplify data transfer in the facility. The E300 was a better choice for the network, as it could efficiently synchronize data between installed machines and devices.

The modular design of the E300 electronic overload relay allowed the recycler to tailor the device for their application’s exact needs. On-device settings like network address configuration, restoring factory default setting and security settings provided additional advantages.

This solution was easy to integrate, since many other Rockwell Automation products were widely used in the facility. Using products from one supplier helped to ensure reliable data transfer, avoiding gateway devices to synchronize data between devices, and ensuring that the recycler could fully realize the benefits of integrating a single intelligent motor control system.

Along with the E300 electronic overload relay, nine sets of SMC Flex soft starters were installed. The modular design aided in installation and commissioning, and the built-in backlit LCD display with flexible communication provided advanced monitoring, performance, diagnostics and protection.

Built-in current and voltage protection provides enhanced power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities without additional monitoring equipment while enabling ground fault detection. The simplified application improved setup efficiency and process optimization.

With FactoryTalk View installed, it was easy to provide real-time motor diagnostic information to proactively indicate when a motor has a problem, allowing operators to efficiently troubleshoot.

The communication options of the E300 overload relay allowed operators to view diagnostics information using the Logix add-on profile, web browser and faceplates. Using FactoryTalk View in single control room allowed operators to have one control tower, improving efficiency.

Additionally, the single network based on Ethernet enabled the data to be synchronized within other facilities all around the world. All local data can be viewed and monitored in the group’s headquarters. The data includes information related to device conditions and can be monitored regardless of location – critical to the recycler’s effort to create a “smart factory” in the future, or a connected enterprise through the ERP level.

To ensure that this installation faced minimal risk and was completed in the proposed timeline, Solution Provider APTech offered specific knowledge around motor overload relays. The APTech team completed a retrospective analysis of the legacy products in advance the installation, and defined an optimal migration solution with minimal risk.


The recycler’s goal was to decrease downtime, increase speed to market and optimize operations. By installing the E300 electronic overload relay, these goals were met.

With one kiln now completed with this simpler and safer architecture, this recycler now is in a position to benefit from the improvements generated by Rockwell Automation products and solutions.

The savings of this intelligent motor system is 400 million won/year, an increase in savings of approximately 50 percent increase compared to the previous year. 

The results mentioned above are specific to this recycler’s use of Rockwell Automation products and services in conjunction with other products. Specific results may vary for other customers.

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