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Gunjang Energy Deploys Medium Voltage Drives Solution To Reduce Energy

Solution Helps Decrease Energy Costs and Enhance Efficiency

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  • Improve energy utilization rate to achieve ROI in two years
  • Completely automate a new fan application without stopping facility
  • Maintain stable and reliable operation of the facility



  • Consistent cost saving by improving energy efficiency 20 percent
  • Reduced installation time to three months.
  • Reduced ROI period from two years to one year
  • Installed product in limited space with compact PowerFlex 7000
  • Stabilize energy utilization flow


Gunjang Energy’s heat supply facility in Gunsan, Jella-buk-do, Southern Province, provides high-quality processed steam to customers in the Gunsan Regional Industrial Complex, with the goal of supplying affordable heat.

The company has created a clean industrial complex environment based on a state-of-the-art, highly efficient anti-pollution facility. It significantly contributes to the local economy as well as the nation's community energy supply expansion project.

For eight years, each customer was able to reduce fuel cost by 36 percent on average compared to using traditional energy sources. The company reduced air pollutants (NOx, Sox, dust) by about 29 percent by integrating more than 20 burners and combustion systems dispersed across multiple customer sites and managing those chimneys as one.

Gunjang not only provides affordable steam and much-needed electricity to customers within the industrial complex, but also plays a pivotal role in air pollution prevention within the complex, providing mutual benefits to its customers and the local community.

The company has established a future-ready heat supply facility and supplies industrial steam to 19 customers in the Gunsan Regional Industrial Complex and one customer in the Chungnam Janghang area. The company sells surplus electricity produced in the facility to the electricity exchange after using electricity to run the cogeneration power plant.

Replacing energy equipment used at customer sites helps those customers increase efficiency, reduce production cost and improve air quality.

As a responsible corporate and world citizen, the company strives to reduce production costs, mainly through reducing fuel costs. Gunjang also strives to improve environmental management practices and ultimately, through reduced energy usage, also contribute to air quality improvements in the region.


Gunjang needed to establish consistent cost savings quickly because energy cost were on the rise.

Gunjang’s preference was a long-term solution to lower energy costs – delivered in a short time frame. Alternatives, like a full migration, were more complicated and time-consuming that the company wanted, so the decision was made to upgrade core products to enhance energy efficiency.

Gunjang wanted to achieve a return on investment (ROI) within two years so they could share the positive numbers with other facilities, and encourage energy upgrades in other locations.

As a result of these changes, Gunjang would be aligned with other similar companies with environmentally friendly strategies regarding energy utilization.


Previously, Gunjang used dampers to control airflow. The goal was to create more consistency and efficiency. To maintain the designated temperature and airflow of the boiler, Gunjang installed PowerFlex® 7000 medium voltage drives to three existing ID fans. Selecting the drive with the right capacity would allow for continuous and fast control, an important factor in maximizing energy utilization.

And, for stability, it was important to completely automate a new fan application without stopping activity in the facility. Installing the three PowerFlex 7000 drives simultaneously created more stable installation and commissioning, and lowered risks.

The core advantages of this solution include a simple, stable and highly reliable structure – not many components are required for installation.

A Rockwell Automation authorized distributor, Autocon, completed the commissioning of the drive panel and control systems. Gunjang appreciated the overall project management and local support from the distributor.


As a result of this solution, Gunjang saved energy which dramatically lowered the overall total cost of ownership, and expected ROI decreased to one year.

Gunjang’s goal was to achieve a return on investment within two years, and the Rockwell Automation solution cut that time in half. It also resulted in other significant savings: 773.0 won/year, the equivalent of US$682,000 a year.

The Rockwell Automation medium voltage drive solution will provide an average yearly savings of $1.76 million. Autocon, located close to the Gunjang facility, is readily available to support the installation and any future technical issues.

With the smooth installation of this project, the cost for energy has been reduced dramatically. “The solution is possible because of quality products and design from Rockwell Automation, and consistent support from Autocon,” said Sung Hoon Lim, manager at the Gunjang facility. “In this area, Rockwell Automation is best known for controllers. They have earned the right to introduce their drive products as viable solutions.”

The results mentioned above are specific to Gunjang Energy’s use of Rockwell Automation products and services in conjunction with other products. Specific results may vary for other customers.

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