Wind Power Generation

Automate Wind Turbines and Wind Farms for Profitable Energy Production

Wind Power Generation

Use a single-vendor wind farm management control system to capture and convert wind energy reliably and efficiently. From wind turbine automation and protection to complete wind farm management solutions, we can help you meet your operational goals.

Wind Farm Automation Solutions

Many of the control systems in place today were developed by turbine manufacturers to meet their own needs. As a result, they are insufficiently scalable, adaptable, economical, or reliable to satisfy an increase in global demand. The rapid pace of wind farm development requires manufacturers to concentrate on turbine construction rather than the implementation of control systems. Our scalable solutions can be implemented on projects as small as one turbine or as large as an entire farm.

Wind Turbine Control Solutions

Automation Systems for Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

We offer a broad range of wind turbine control systems that can be used for on-shore or off-shore wind power generation and wind farm management. We have global domain expertise and offer remote support and asset management solutions. These help keep your turbines and farms running smoothly and profitably.


Wind Farm SCADA System

Our visualization and information software solutions that are tied to our networking architecture enable operators to monitor operations in real time. Our solutions include:

  • SCADA solution to monitor and report wind farm operations
  • Sequence of events (SOE) reporting for accurate alarm sequences that reduce troubleshooting time
  • Network solutions, including NERC CIP consulting services, to help with assessment, design, implementation, audits, and management of network infrastructure

Wind Farm Management and Control

To effectively manage a wind farm you need a variety of solutions, not just a reliable wind turbine control system:

  • SCADA software for monitoring, controlling, data collecting, and reporting for wind turbine generators
  • PlantPAx® DCS for distributed process control, critical safety control, and intelligent motor control on one information-enabled platform
  • High performance Rockwell Automation and Cisco technology to help wind farms comply with evolving grid code regulations

Air Windpower Develops New Generator

A Wind Generator Control System for High Efficiency and Reliability

The Air Product turbine was created with a clear objective: maximize reliability and minimize the cost of the energy produced during its operating life. The electrical and automatic components had to manage and monitor the operation of the wind generator with the maximum efficiency and with no unplanned stops. Using multiple components in our control portfolio, we helped Air Product implement a comprehensive automation solution for the wind generator. The system proved to offer the highest availability with excellent levels of energy efficiency and reliability.

Integrated Architecture for Wind Power Generation Control

Integrated Motor Controls, Motion, Safety, and Visualization

Our Integrated Architecture® system provides a powerful platform for the safe control of wind turbines and wind farms. Combined with turbomachinery solutions and condition monitoring our portfolio enables efficient, reliable, and safe operation of your equipment.

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