Prepared Foods

Automation and Control Solutions for Prepared Foods Manufacturers

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Industry consolidation. Global competition. Increasing government regulations and changing customer preferences. These market forces drive the continual evolution of the food industry and dramatically impact your production and business strategy.

Increase Yield and Optimize Assets

Get Insight into Material Usage and Reduce Raw Material Costs

The most advanced automation equipment helps you to adopt better, more efficient ways to manufacture products. In this connected, information-rich environment, standards are consistent, quality is assured, and accountability defined.

Information-enabled automation systems can provide insight into materials usage and even track final yields back to specific vendors. This is especially important for the food products that have high raw-material costs, like prepared foods. Here, even a small improvement in yield can translate to a significant financial impact for your products.

For example, maximizing material usage and reducing scrap annually by as little as 1 percent can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted material.

Our industrial automation, control, and software solutions span the entire production process, delivering cost-effective, results-based solutions to help you:

  • Improve production efficiencies and yield
  • Respond to changing consumer preferences
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve product quality
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Automation Improves Operational Efficiency

Manufacturing Intelligence solutions produce the kind of actionable information that can help improve plant productivity and OEE to save time and money. Learn how customers obtain real time plant performance measures from data for improved operational efficiencies, reduced waste, and improved yield.

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Enterprise-wide Information Solution

Increase Productivity. Reduce Waste. Increase Profitability

CPGSuite® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a performance management solution that allows you to set factory performance goals and track progress in real time. For prepared foods manufacturers, this software will contribute to increased productivity, reduced waste, and increased profitability.

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Address Your Industry Issues

Reduce downtime, productivity issues, and potential quality issues with a comprehensive approach. From the receipt of raw materials and ingredient processing to food manufacturing, packaging, and finishing, we provide complete automated manufacturing solutions. These solutions include motor control, process, information, and service and support, to help you operate safe, efficient plants.

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