Comprehensive Batch Management

Reduce Engineering and Development of More Complex Batch Recipes

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Our FactoryTalk® Batch comprehensive batch management solution provides you with an efficient, consistent, and predictable batch control for more complex operations.

Improve Your Product Quality

FactoryTalk Batch Solution

  • Improves product quality
  • Increases production
  • Streamlines processes and procedures


  • Create and manage recipes and execute them automatically
  • Reduce validation and commissioning time
  • Configure physical and procedural models
  • Collect and report on detailed electronic batch data
  • Integrate batch and recipe information with corporate information systems
  • Simulate your batch process
  • Preserve and lock recipe versions
  • Assign and trace approval workflows
  • Help prevent unauthorized system access


FactoryTalk Batch allows your engineers to create processes that help your operators do their jobs more effectively to:

  • Enable consistent, repeatable batch execution
  • Achieve agile manufacturing for rapid introduction of new products
  • Use rich reporting features to achieve regulatory compliance

Get Started Now

Reduce Your Time-to-Market

The Batch Application Toolkit provides documentation, equipment phases, support routines, and more to get your batch project started quickly.

Download the Batch Application Toolkit

Design and Implementation Guides


The FactoryTalk Batch Project Design and Implementation course is designed to provide a complete overview of the design and implementation of a batch project using FactoryTalk Batch software.

The course includes:

  • An introduction to batch processing
  • ANSI/ISA S88.01 Standard overview
  • FactoryTalk Batch system architecture, system operation, and system configuration

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