IEC Contactors

Our IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. They are environmentally friendly, versatile and flexible. These contactors can protect your other devices while delivering the performance you expect.

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Our Bulletin 100-E Contactors are available in 9…38 and 116...2650 A sizes, helping to reduce width and weight while saving panel space. Universal electronic AC/DC coils make selection much easier and offer significant energy savings and direct connection to PLCs for contactors above 100 A.

Next Generation Contactors

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Our Bulletin 100-C contactors offer space-saving, high-performance design in 9...97 A devices. These low power consumption contactors are designed to control motors and other loads.

IEC Standard Contactors

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Our Bulletin 100-K IEC Miniature Contactors are designed for commercial and light industrial applications where panel space is at a premium. These miniature devices, at 45 mm wide, are shallower and have fewer panel depth requirements than standard IEC contactors. The Bulletin 100-K Miniature Contactors are the replacement line for the Bulletin 100-M Contactor family.

IEC Miniature Contactors

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Our Bulletin 100S/104S IEC Safety Contactors provide mechanically linked, or mirror contact performance up to 750 A, which are required in feedback circuits for modern safety applications. Our Bulletin 100S Safety Contactors provide safe isolation of hazardous motion loads, using mirror contact performance. Mirror contacts provide reliable indication about the open or closed status of the main power poles.

IEC Safety Contactors

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Our Bulletin 100Q Capacitor-switching Contactors are designed to switch banks of capacitors. The front-mounted resistor elements limit severe high inrush currents. This reduces stress to the contactors and the capacitors. Our contactors are compact and economical and do not use air-core reactors.

Capacitor-switching Contactors