Coal Power Generation

Automation and Control Systems to Get Ahead of Regulatory Issues

Coal Power Generation

Consistently meet load demand targets and avoid costly fines by updating outdated proprietary systems. Use state-of-the-art controls that alert operators to problems before they occur.

Reliable, Consistent, and Secure Operations

Maximum Uptime, Real-time Visualization, and Reduced Engineering Time

Emissions and security-related NERC CIP compliance have left coal power generation plants with an uncertain future. As the fleet ages, the cost to update it continues to escalate. This aging infrastructure is causing costly and often unnecessary downtime. Limited connectivity with business systems makes performance monitoring and reporting a manual and error-prone process. The result is reduced efficiency and increased costs.

Plant-wide Control Solutions

Scalable, Integrated, and Profitable

Whether you update or replace your existing control system, we can help you migrate to a modern control system. Our PlantPAx® distributed control system offers integration of process, motor, and safety control for more efficient operation. Combined with integrated solutions, it helps ensure high availability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to extract the most value from your systems.

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Condition Monitoring Helps Reduce Downtime

Our integrated condition monitoring products help you keep your plant floor running productively by detecting potential equipment failures.

  • Extends your automation control system with machine protection
  • Enhances your enterprise information and reduces maintenance costs

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