Offshore Exploration and Production

Automation, Control, and Safety Systems for Offshore Operations

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To maximize uptime, offshore production and drilling operations require reliable systems that run safely without interruption for as long as possible. We have the oil and gas control system portfolio and experience that is required to help you meet your operational goals.

Automation, Control, and Safety Systems for Offshore Production

Sensia-delivered Solutions

As an operator of offshore facilities, you demand the highest level of process safety. You must protect personnel, assets, and the environment, while you maintain maximum uptime and minimize disruption.

We have a broad portfolio of offerings for offshore. You can select from a range of scalable solutions to satisfy cost, safety integrity level, and availability requirements.

Offshore production systems are designed to operate 24/7. The financial impact of downtime and repair work is high. Systems and equipment must operate in an environment of strong currents, uneven surfaces, extreme low temperatures, and staggering depths. High reliability architectures and reduced maintenance are critical for any oil and gas company that deploys production from a platform or sea bed. Our SIL-rated product portfolio and exceptional scan rates meet the demand needs of HIPPs and OPP systems offshore. Our subsea automation, control, and safety systems lead the industry. They are ideal for a wide range of applications that include:

  • Subsea pump and compressor controls
  • Topside control and safety systems for production platforms and FPSOs
  • Emergency shutdown and process shutdown systems

Offshore Automation Solutions

Some of the areas that are covered by our offshore exploration and production solutions include:

  • Drilling rigs and drill ships
  • Subsea pump and compressor controls
  • Topside control and safety systems for production platforms and FPSOs
  • Blowout prevention systems
  • Emergency shut down and process shut down systems
  • Turbomachinery control
  • Power and energy management systems
  • Condition monitoring systems
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Safety, Reliability, and Expertise Equal Maximum Uptime

Meet Operational Goals with Industry Knowledge and Reliable Portfolio

Offshore operations present numerous challenges that include:

  • Difficult environmental conditions
  • Demanding control requirements
  • Strict safety regulations

Our extensive portfolio has been used for many years in the demanding conditions of offshore environments. Our technology performs with reliability to provide a safe and efficient operation.

Plus, our open systems enable ease of integration, from subsea to topside, and from process control to motor control. Our capabilities add analytic tools for improved operations and faster decision-making.

These tools make it easier to manage aging control systems, too. The last thing you need is being surprised by a part that is no longer being manufactured. We can send onsite support to help you plan ahead and minimize any risk for downtime.

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Offshore Production Platform Control Systems

Integrated Automation and Control for Floating Production Systems

Our portfolio of technologies is ideal in a wide range of applications including:

Drill Rig and Drill Ship Automation

Improve Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency

Whether exploring, developing new fields, or maintaining production levels, drilling is at the center of oil and gas operations. Efficiency and safety of drilling operations is paramount, which helps explain the focus on them today given current market conditions. Our drilling rig and drill ship automation systems help companies improve accuracy, reduce cost and increase uptime while maintaining safety.

We offer a wide range of proven, robust technologies, from our Integrated Architecture system to our Intelligent Motor Control, that have been used globally in drilling rig and drillship automation, including the following applications:

Maintain Safety in Hazardous Environments

Hazardous Location Products that Stand up to the Test

The oil and gas industry is well known for the remote and inhospitable locations in which its production and processing operations can be found. Much of the electrical equipment must operate in environments that contain explosive or flammable gases and material. This type of location requires special design considerations to maintain safe operations. What’s not well known is the number of products we provide that are rated and certified to help you cope with hazardous locations.

Whether your need is to have electrical devices operating in Class 1, Division 1 or 2, or zone 2 classified areas, we have a range of Allen-Bradley industrial control products that deliver proven predictable performance. Products that perform in hazardous locations include switches, operators, sensors, combination starters and safety modules.

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Enable Visibility and Support Safe Operations

The Izabela field is a GAS extraction and production plant located off Croatia. To improve operational flexibility, EDINA wanted to install integrated systems offshore and onshore. Edina selected Rockwell Automation and Fores Engineering Sri to execute the project. It resulted in a reduction in maintenance and operational costs, while maintaining production capacity.

TOTAL E&P UK Limited had numerous obsolescence issues in their North Alwyn complex. They partnered with us to execute system upgrades across two platforms in their Dunbar facility. The result? Our onsite engineers helped maintain Total’s high safety standards throughout the upgrade. They are now able to control elements of the offshore Dunbar facility from the onshore Alwyn facility.

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