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Market pressures drive mining operators to use existing and emerging technologies. These technologies improve operational efficiencies, maximize yield recoveries, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain safe or zero-harm environments. They harness the power of connectivity to leverage the vast amount of data that exists in mining automation systems. We can help you accomplish full digitization of your mine.

Introducing the Connected Mine

Integrated systems and scalable analytics enable mine-to-market visibility and allow for better decision-making

Even with projections of higher demand, the mining industry is still facing many challenges. Market volatility and uncertainties directly impact business - which adds complexity to long-term planning for new projects or upgrades to existing sites.

Ever-evolving legal and governance regulations are keeping mining companies on their toes. Not to mention the constant need to satisfy shareholders while working in partnership with stakeholders to earn their social license to operate.

Optimizing operations and assets is critical and bridging the skills gaps and addressing the changing workforce demographics is key for companies to stay afloat.

Interact with the Connected Mine

What does a connected mine look like? Tested and validated architectures and dedicated functionalities for mining operations can help you get the most out of your process and equipment to improve overall productivity.

Solutions by area: increase your operational efficiency

Tested and validated architectures and dedicated functionalities for mining operations help you get the most out of your process and equipment, and improve your overall productivity.

Mine and extraction

Earth movers play an important role in mining operations, but many don’t have full visibility of the performance and health of critical assets.

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Mineral processing and metal refining

Today’s mines must process more complex ores due to declining ore grades and face complexities where production is disturbed by unexpected events.

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Material handling

Responsible for the movement, storage and blending of the materials across the mine, material handling connects the mine to the market.

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Utilities and supporting areas

From power distribution to compressor systems, these activities are key to support any mining activity and downtime can affect the entire operation.

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Mine-to-market integration

The information revolution created opportunity for mining companies to change their business but many are unable to use operations data to make decisions.

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Mining for the Future

Learn how technologies can help business and people being more efficient and safer.

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Across the world and in all areas of the mine, we've been helping mining companies. We have been able to help them reduce their costs while improving their operations.

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