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Dairy Production and Processing Automation and Control Systems

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A holistic approach to dairy production can increase flexibility and efficiency and reduce total costs of operation. Automated dairy systems can help you deliver a diverse mix of consistently high-quality, safely produced products.

Increase Throughput, Reduce Energy Use

Real-time Control and Dairy Process Optimization Reduces Costs

Many dairy manufacturers are enhancing competitiveness by moving toward higher value specialty products such as low-fat, no-fat, and protein enhanced. They also want to achieve greater efficiency, increase throughput, and reduce costs.

Dairy plant operations are required to perform within narrower, more consistent product specifications. These specifications require real-time plant floor data to enable faster reactions and greater flexibility. This data helps you to maintain productivity and margin, achieve higher safety, and offer greater product quality.

Reduce Costs and Increase Production

Advanced Control for Dairy Applications

Dryers and evaporators are the most energy intensive units used in the dairy processing industries. Optimal operation is essential to reduce costs and help meet final product quality specifications.

By providing close control of the dryer for optimization and performance, this dairy control application:

  • Increases throughput up to 8%
  • Reduces energy use up to 12%
  • Reduces off-spec product up to 75%

Model Predictive Control in the Dairy Industry

Learn how dairy customers increased their profitability and productivity with our model predictive control (MPC). See how we have helped customers accelerate and optimize processes and:

  • Reduced moisture variability
  • Reduced product giveaway
  • Improved yield
  • Reduced energy costs
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Dairy Automation Systems

Integrated Control and Information for Higher Productivity

The tight integration of control and information across dairy production enables our customers to optimize their operations. Our solutions enable dairy producers to leverage real–time production data for improved decision-making and supports:

  • Faster time to market
  • Minimized downtime
  • Lower total cost of ownership
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