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Cut Costs, Improve Quality and Reduce Downtime

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Automotive end-of-line testing is facing a continuing challenge to adapt routines for a wider range of model choices, options and functionalities. As a result, bespoke testing is often required for each variant, increasing the risk of human error and slowing down production. With fully automated end-of-line testing that combines IIoT, Thin Client and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, you can help deliver faster and more consistent results, with reduced human error and greater cost-effectiveness.

Reduce Costs with Automated End-of-Line Testing

Ensure a quick return on investment and long-term cost savings

Automated end-of-line testing doesn’t just reduce the time and labor costs involved throughout the process, it also allows you to focus manual testing on where it’s needed most. As a result, you can increase consistency and quality throughout your testing while cutting labor costs:

  • Increase precision and speed with collaborative robots
  • Ensure low failure rates and run testing 24/7 with Smart Vision systems
  • Deliver more consistent results worldwide with operator-less EOL testing stations

Improve Productivity Through AR and IIoT Analytics

Pass more products first time and predict issues before they happen

Without complete control over the assembly process, it can often result in faults in parts that have already been assembled. By connecting each station to a common network though the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can access real-time data and machine learning to help you pre-empt issues before they occur. Plus, with InnovationSuite™ Vuforia augmented reality (AR), operators can use digitized work instructions and real-time performance data to improve first-time pass rates and rework efficiency.

  • Increased connectivity through InnovationSuite
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Rework operator guidance

Reduce Downtime with ThinManager Thin Client Software

Reduce downtime with ThinManager. Get equipment operational faster, with fewer costs and better reliability

End-of-line testing can often act as a production bottleneck as equipment fails and operators struggle to restart the necessary processes. With ThinManager Thin Client’s plug-and-play capabilities, you can get your testing up-and-running again faster, ensuring reduced downtime and increased productivity.

  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Increase IT security
  • Anticipate issues with predictive maintenance
  • Global support and tools to keep machines running

Increase Quality with Artificial Intelligence

Improve your end-of-line testing results with impartial decision-making

As quality demands from brand owners continue to increase, it has never been more difficult to maintain these stringent standards across the rising variances in production requirements. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions can be integrated into the end-of-line testing of car seats, doors, cockpits and many other components, allowing you to reduce human error and drive up quality through testing based solely on data.

  • Smart image processing
  • Self-learning algorithms
  • Intelligent steaming
  • Defect detection
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