Electric Vehicle Production

Achieve Flexible and Scalable Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electric Vehicle Production

The automotive industry is at a turning point. Bloomberg estimates that by 2040, 54% of new vehicle sales will be electric. And by 2030, we’re looking at 100% of passenger vehicles in China and India being electric.

To brand owners and suppliers, this means that a whole new approach is needed, and fast. Electric vehicle manufacturers must shift processes and technology to serve these changing market needs. We can help you accelerate your electric vehicle production to compete better with smart, flexible operations and integrated automation solutions.

Winning the Race to Market

Quickly and Cost Effectively Scale Your Electric Vehicle Operations

Aggressive timelines usually mean more cost and complexity. But electric vehicle production doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re a startup EV company or a mature automaker, we can help at any point in your journey with:

  • Electric vehicle production experience
  • Advanced manufacturing know-how
  • Our comprehensive PartnerNetwork™
  • The latest digital technologies

Experience it all come together virtually or in person at our new Electric Vehicle Innovation Center in San Jose, California. This hands-on environment features live demos and technology trials to help you ramp up quickly and competitively. You can:

  • Design: Explore auto production best practices and get help with manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain design.
  • Digitize: Discover how connected operations can help your workers make better decisions, faster.
  • Optimize: Identify ways to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime with information-enabled electric vehicle production.

With over 4,000 successfully designed, installed and commissioned automotive projects globally, we’re ready to help you reach your production goals.

Plan a Visit to Our EV Center in California

How Smart Is Your Electric Vehicle Production?

Industry 4.0 Is Reframing the Automotive Value Chain

The fast lane to efficiency is a smart, connected EV factory. From the mine to the dispatch bay, a connected operation achieves optimized production faster, for less costs, with less risk.

Right now, leading automakers are already using smart machines, analytics and augmented reality (AR) to gain a competitive edge. And at Rockwell Automation, we’re pushing the boundaries to arm you with today’s smartest technologies. Separate yourself from the pack to:

  • Make better, faster business decisions on the plant floor and in the board room with scalable analytics
  • Improve quality and OEE with an MES to guide workers through production
  • Get to market faster with a Connected Enterprise to share data real time across processes, facilities and suppliers
  • Reduce downtime with AR delivered machine diagnostics and work instructions
  • Improve speed and reliability by moving vehicle bodies and batteries with intelligent conveyance

Smart automotive manufacturing brings optimized manufacturing, responsiveness to customer demands and lower capital costs down the road. Start realizing these benefits today.

Build Smart Battery Manufacturing Facilities

Battery manufacturers are designing and building digitalized, smart manufacturing facilities that deliver never-before realized volume. FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite can help you achieve operational efficiencies in anode/cathode mixing, respond to predictive maintenance actions in coating and drying, monitor formation process genealogy, and review throughput improvements using independent cart technology.

Learn how to use real-time information and analytics to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand for EV battery production.

Power High-Volume Battery Production

Meet Demand on a Giga Scale

We’re going to need a lot of batteries. 40 million new EV batteries a year to be exact.

Nothing less than gigafactories can produce the billions of watts of energy needed to power the world’s electric vehicles. It’s projected we’ll need 100 new gigafactories over the next 10 years just to keep up. This presents a unique opportunity to design and build digitalized, smart manufacturing facilities that deliver volumes and efficiencies never before seen.

We can help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. Sheer size is not the only principle. That’s why we look at:

  • An information strategy, designed into the factory from the start
  • Analytics that turn data into insights, predicting outcomes and driving decisions
  • Quality-focused supply chain connectivity, from the material source to the showroom
  • Built-in flexibility so you’re ready for future innovations, technologies and techniques

OEM Hirata turned to our technologies to create a machine for the industry’s first mass production line for electric vehicle batteries. Standardizing on our products helped Hirata reduce its machine’s footprint by 30%. And with support from our local team, the company can reduce startup times by 10%. Check out the first-of-a-kind machine story to learn more.

Keep Your Launch on Track

From Greenfield to Brownfield, Experience is Key to Mitigating Risk

You can make or break a program launch before you’ve even cut the first PO. Poor controls specifications. Technology challenges. Change orders. A lack of training or spare parts. These problems are all too common, and can result in lost profit, market share and shareholder investment.

Avoid these pitfalls and keep your launch on track with our program management services.

Execute a Better Launch

Our qualified launch- and program-management teams aren’t just experts in automation. They know global auto and tire industry standards, and can interpret and apply them to help you:

  • Optimize controls and processes
  • Monitor change orders and specification deviations
  • Improve communication between all parties
Avoid Cost Overruns

We’re ready to support you in what comes next in a market that’s always changing.

This often means working with machine builders on global project standards, technologies and best practices. The result is specification conformity and tighter cost control. Rely on us throughout your project lifecycle, as we monitor machine builder deliverables for a successful launch and beyond.

Achieve Proper Integration

Technology integration is the foundation of smart and secure manufacturing. With the right infrastructure design that connects people and machines, your electric vehicle production gains:

  • Reduced start up and change over times
  • Data transformed into actionable intelligence
  • Properly designed and tested dependencies before production
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