Municiple Wastewater Treatment

Automation and Motor Control for Efficient and Compliant Wastewater Plants

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Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment involves numerous power and process intensive applications. The treated wastewater that is pumped back into a body of water must also meet stringent regulatory standards and must be potable. As a result, energy efficiency and regulatory compliance are key to customers and municipalities. We have the wastewater treatment systems to help you operate your plant efficiently, maintain water quality and comply with existing regulations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions

Protect Water Quality and Reduce Energy Consumption

Some of the processes that are used in wastewater treatment require significant amounts of energy and include:

  • Taking CO2 generated from sludge processing and turn it into methane gas to fuel other processes in the facility
  • Using aeration basin blowers to dissolve oxygen and encourage microorganism growth

All of these processes benefit from solutions that monitor and control energy use.

Wastewater companies using an integrated control and visualization system and SCADA system for wastewater treatment can expect reductions in design time and enhanced process control. Advanced networking and diagnostic capabilities and increased access to process data also enable better preventive and predictive maintenance.

Our portfolio of products and systems, expertise and network of knowledgeable solution partners provide you with the tools you require. Our technology helps industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant operators:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Optimize cost of engineering and implementation
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance

Sustainability and Compliance

Integrated Systems for Efficient and Compliant Water Production

Our automation solutions, integrated with our intelligent motor control, help you meet plant performance requirements and comply with existing regulations.

Our portfolio includes:

  • ControlLogix® programmable automation controllers provide advanced processing capabilities, while continuously collecting critical operating data
  • Tightly integrated HMI using FactoryTalk® View SE allows instant access to real-time information and operational trends
  • PlantPAx® Library, which includes the basic building blocks for the system, includes HMI faceplates that are customized for specific plant roles
  • Water Wastewater Accelerator toolkit helps rapidly deploy a project and includes:
    • Procurement specifications
    • Quick start guide
    • Sample controller and HMI configurations for common applications, such as lift stations, dosing pumps, head works and solids handling

We have domain expertise and offer remote support services and asset management solutions to help keep your plant running.

SCADA System Upgrade Leads to Added Flexibility

City Improves Ability to Store, Analyze, and Report on Operational Data

The Hamilton City Council implemented an upgrade to their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system at the wastewater plant. This upgrade enhanced decision-making ability, improved performance efficiency, and helped stakeholders meet regulatory compliance.

What Our Customers Are Saying
"We identified the potential for improving operational efficiencies at the plant by implementing an integrated system that aims to increase productivity and reduce downtime."

- Gary Pitcaithly, automation and electrical manager at Hamilton City Council

Products and Capabilities

Products and Services for Compliance and Operations Performance

Our portfolio of products and services provides industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant operators with solutions for improving energy usage and quality compliance. From RTUs and pump controls, to modern SCADA and control systems, we provide a fully integrated solution for wastewater treatment.

Our portfolio includes:

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