Cable Pull Switches

Our Cable Pull Switches have a steel wire rope connected to latching pull switches. When you pull on the rope in any direction at any point along its length, you will trip the switch to stop the machine power.

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Our Bulletin 440E Lifeline™ 5 Cable Pull Switches are microprocessor-based solutions that bring advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety and improve productivity. These switches offer features and functions that simplify setup and allow for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. Our Lifeline 5 switches are designed for various applications from general material handling to harsh food and beverage environments.

Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switches

Our Bulletin 440E Lifeline Rope Tensioner System (LRTS) is a unique cable (rope) tensioning system which enables quicker installation of cable actuated systems. The LRTS can also be used for applications other than cable actuated emergency stop systems.

Lifeline Rope Tensioner System
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Our Bulletin 440E Lifeline™ 3 Cable Pull Switches are cable (rope) operated emergency-stop devices designed to meet the stringent requirements of ISO 13850 (Safety of Machinery—Emergency Stop Equipment). These switches can be installed along or around awkward machinery and provide a constant-access emergency-stop facility.

Lifeline 3 Cable Pull Switches
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Our Bulletin 440E Lifeline™ 4 Cable Pull Switches can be installed along or around awkward machinery such as conveyors and provide a constant emergency stop access. The system includes a rope status indicator and emergency stop button mounted on the switch lid. This switch is also available in stainless steel 316 and is suitable for external use, applications where there are hygiene requirements, and other situations where a level of corrosion resistance is required.

Lifeline 4 Cable Pull Switches