Automated Fresh Water Treatment

SCADA, Automation and Control for Efficient and Compliant Operations

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Fresh water is the necessity of life, and, while renewable, it is but a finite resource. With an increase in populations and urban sprawl, the need for sustainable processes has never been more important. Fresh water, or drinking water, must be safe for public consumption and meet environmental and government standards. Security also plays a large role, as control systems must be secure to withstand accidental or malicious attacks. The result must be safe for municipal customers. We can help you operate more efficiently and securely while complying with current regulations.

Solutions for the Water Industry

Reduce Project Cost and Achieve Efficient, Secure Operations

To achieve efficient and secure operations and comply with a strict regulatory framework requires collaboration at every stage of the lifecycle including:

  • Engineering tools and expertise for a cost-effective and timely project design and execution
  • Integrated systems that enable complete control, visualization and reporting of your operation
  • Support for maximum uptime and plant performance

Our portfolio of products and systems, expertise and network of knowledgeable partners provide you with the tools you require. Our large installed base is helping water producers to:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce cost of implementation
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance

Integrated Information and Control Solutions

Integrated Systems for Efficient and Compliant Water Production

Solutions like our FactoryTalk® software, will:

Increase Accessibility to Reliable Data

  • Increased visibility into the production process for real-time and historical reporting and analytics
  • Pre-validated data collection and storage verifies that only accurate information goes into reports
  • Web-based portal for ease of remote visualization

Improve System Performance

  • With immediate access to system-wide production metrics, operators can respond to failures, like pipeline leaks, before they create major issues

Reduce Time and Cost of Regulatory-Compliance Reporting

  • Access to 10 years of data storage, exceeding compliance needs

We have jointly developed architectures with Cisco® that support converged networking solutions for water management. Based on a foundation of Cisco networking technology and our SCADA control systems, this solution offers:

  • Lower total cost of ownership that is based on unified networking and control systems
  • Powerful, multi-layer defenses enabled by Cisco proven security capabilities
  • Better operations and equipment management with remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Greater network manageability and streamlined administration
  • Advanced business services such as video capture, wireless, and IP-based telephony

We have domain expertise and offer remote support services and asset management solutions to help keep your plant running.

Gaining a clear view on water production

Accurate and Timely Water Production Reports Help Comply with Regulations

The Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is responsible for supplying clean water to more than 10 percent of the population of New Zealand.

To comply with the changing regulations, GWRC required a solution that could provide accurate and timely water production reports. These reports required access to data retrieved from its existing water treatment production and control systems. Our solutions helped them achieve that objective.

As a result, the GWRC was able to comply with government reporting requirements and improve water treatment distribution. It could also provide better information to internal and external stakeholders on water production and usage.

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Products and Capabilities

Products and Services for Compliance and Operations Performance

Our portfolio of products and services provides water producers with solutions for improving operational performance. From RTUs and pump controls to modern SCADA and control systems, we provide a fully integrated solution for industrial and municipal water treatment.

Our portfolio includes:

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