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Automation and Control Systems for Food Safety and Food Quality

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Driven by more diverse consumer demands and greater competition, you are producing more SKUs than ever. As a result, you are introducing greater complexity into your production and supply chains. This complexity requires you to manage food safety and quality across a broader product spectrum. A comprehensive approach to help protect product safety and quality can strengthen your reputation.

Keep Your Products Safe

Discover How Food Safety Can Maximize Productivity

So how do you commit your operations with a heightened focus on food safety in the face of wide-ranging challenges? There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You can take an enterprise-wide approach that embraces information-enabled technologies and automation. This approach helps you address food safety across your operations and increase productivity.

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Maintain Brand Quality

Discover How Food Safety Systems Can Maximize Productivity

Product consistency is key to maintaining brand equity, batch-to-batch and facility-to-facility. Local raw material specification variances can create brand consistency challenges. You must be able to adapt manufacturing to make sure that each production run compensates for variability and process changes while producing a product within tight quality standards.

Best-in-class companies have not addressed and overcome challenges, but have found solutions enabling them to increase productivity and profitability. 

Improve Visibility to Enhance Compliance

You can improve quality, safety, compliance, and speed to market when you move from a paper-based system to a management execution system (MES). As you move from islands of automation to a unified automation infrastructure, an MES will collect, aggregate, and feed data across your organization.

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Food and Beverage Safety and Quality

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Compliance

A leading packaged meats producer sought to upgrade the manufacturing intelligence capabilities at one of its facilities to support the new FSMA guidelines. Find out what solutions they used to reduce waste and:

  • Decrease inedible goal by half, from 1.6…0.8 percent, resulting in nearly 1 million pounds of product saved annually
  • Ease record keeping and reporting
  • Obtain real-time visibility into critical control point performance
What the Experts Are Saying
"FSMA final rules will include tracing legislation, which we can expect to improve the traceability capabilities of the U.S. food industry and, hopefully, in time, move the country up from a 'trailing' position to a leading position in the global arena."

- Supply Chain Traceability, Quality Assurance Magazine

Solutions Supporting Food Safety

Improve Production Control, Accountability, Quality, and Safety

The right technology can help with your food safety program. Our integrated control and information solutions support your food safety and quality programs. Our FactoryTalk® VantagePoint® and Historian software gathers, stores, aggregates, correlates, and presents production information. The Integrated Architecture® system provides a scalable, seamless, real-time communications structure.

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