PLC-5 to ControlLogix Migration

Evaluate the Options as You Plan Your Migration

PLC-5 to ControlLogix Migration

You have seen the announcements about the Allen-Bradley PLC-5® Control System entering the End of Life phase. However, you may have held off on migrating because your staff does not have the bandwidth, you are concerned about additional downtime, or you lack capital funding to take on a large number of migrations.

Resources to Help You Migrate

The PLC-5 Control System is among the largest installed base of any one control platform. However, spare parts, repaired units, and skilled engineers are becoming increasingly scarce.

There are plenty of resources available to help you migrate, and you have several options as you develop a proactive lifecycle plan. You may choose to work with a trusted partner such as Rockwell Automation, a system integrator/solution provider, or even do it yourself. We offer a full portfolio of modernization and migration services and tools to ease the process.


We offer many self-service migration resources for your aging systems:

  • Easy-to-use hardware selection and conversion applications
  • Automated software code conversion tools
  • Controller and I/O wiring conversion systems
  • Network interface modules

PLC-5 Packaged Migration

Our PLC-5 packaged migration is an easy, fast, and cost-effective option that appeals to end-users, system integrators, and machine builders. Migrate one PLC-5 rack and up to four remote I/O racks, and leave any connected devices and slave controllers in place. By migrating the core controller and chassis, you gain efficiencies now while laying the foundation for future modernization.

When you work with us on your migration project, you benefit from:

  • Consistent delivery by a core group of engineers who perform PLC migrations and conversions every day
  • Adherence to engineering standards and processes, governed by our Quality Management System
  • An average of 16 hours of simulation testing and engineering peer review
  • The option of adding one of our factory-trained engineers to help you commission your new control system

The PLC-5 packaged migration is ideal for discrete, straightforward applications communicating to devices and remote I/O racks on existing networks such as DH+ and remote I/O.

Custom Modernization

End-users with large, complex installations can better leverage the business benefits of merging IT and OT into The Connected Enterprise. Our Conversion and Migration Services can help you with a custom-quoted migration.

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