Solar Power Generation

Automating Concentrated Solar Power for Efficient Energy Production

Solar Power Generation

Leverage a single-vendor control solution to capture and convert solar energy more cost effectively, reliably, and efficiently.

Reliable Solutions for Efficient Solar Plants

Maximum Uptime, Lower Maintenance Costs, and Reduce Engineering Time

We provide technologies that allow you to capture and convert solar energy reliably and efficiently to keep down costs. Our system and engineering teams help solar power developers to begin producing power more quickly. They also help operate and maintain the site more efficiently making solar power generation a more cost-effective alternative.

Solar Automation Systems

Automation Systems for Solar Power Plants

Whether you update or replace your existing control system, we can help you migrate to a modern control system. Our PlantPAx® distributed control system offers integration of process, motor, and safety control for more efficient operation. Combined with integrated solutions, it helps ensure high availability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to extract the most value from your systems.

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SCADA Power Plant System

Our visualization and information software solutions tied to our secure networking architecture help enable operators to monitor operations in real time. Our solutions include:

  • SCADA solution to monitor and report solar field and balance of plant processes
  • Sequence of events (SOE) reporting for accurate alarm sequences that reduces troubleshooting time
  • Network solutions, including NERC CIP consulting services, to help you assess, design, implement, audit, and manage your network infrastructure

Godawari Concentrated Solar Power Plant

PlantPAx DCS to Control CSP Thermal Power Plant

Lauren-Jyoti built a 50-megawatt concentrated green field solar power plant for Godawari Green Energy in Rajasthan, India. The plant will be one of the first utility-scale solar thermal power plants that is commissioned in India. This project is part of the Indian government initiative to incentivize the growth of solar power to 20,000 megawatts by 2020. Rockwell Automation will provide a PlantPAx distributed control system power plant solution with solar field local controller panels.

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